How to prepare the MCSA Exam Efficient?

F54 is the earliest form of examination, with a fixed number of 54 questions. The passing score is usually between 700 and 830. This kind of test allows you to move forward or backward through the questions. That is to say, if you are not sure about the answers to some questions, you can mark it and continue with the Microsoft 70 461 Dumps. Go back and do it, so that you do n’t waste too much time on one question and you do n’t have time to do the later questions. You may even get tips from the later questions to make the previous questions. Currently, only 70- 87 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 is this form. The test time is two hours.

The Adaptive exam is Microsoft’s proudly adaptive exam. The number of Microsoft 70 462 Dumps is not fixed between 25 and 35. The exam questions for this kind of exam are generated immediately when you do the exam. The principle for generating exam questions is: If one question is done correctly, the difficulty of the next question will increase. If you do everything correctly, the difficulty will continue to increase (of course, the total difficulty level is only two or three, and the hardest question is not too difficult). It’s more flexible, it’s definitely not the kind of question that I’ve never seen before.

However, if one question is done wrong, the next question will be a simpler one. If you do the right thing, you will increase the difficulty one by one, and so on. The theoretical basis for this question is that if a candidate makes a problem wrong, it does not mean that his degree is poor. Similarly, if he does a simple question correctly, it does not mean that his degree must be high, only this way According to his level, from simple to difficult questions can accurately grasp the level of the candidate. It can be seen that if you have done a difficult question in the Adaptive test and then come out with a difficult problem, then congratulations, you have done the right Microsoft 70 463 Dumps. If a simple question comes out, you can be sure that you did the previous one. make a mistake. If you do a few simple questions in a row, you need to be careful. But do n’t worry too much, the Adaptive exam usually has a low passing score, usually between 550 and 600, and if you do too poorly before, it will give you another chance at the end (this will be discussed later) ).

However, in this kind of Microsoft 70 473 Dumps it is not allowed to turn back the test questions, that is to say, the questions that cannot be as uncertain as in F54 can be done at the end. Each question has only a Next button to turn the test question backwards. The Previous button turns the question forward. This means that you must make a correct judgment for each question, and you must choose an answer anyway. After you press Next, the answer is submitted, and you can’t modify it anymore, so you must pay special attention to this kind of question. . There are currently 70-67 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and 70-68 Windows NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise in MCSE Six Doors for this kind of adaptive exam. The test time is also two hours.

The F30 test method was recently introduced by Microsoft (March this year). Its rules are similar to the F54. It can also turn forward, backward and mark. The difference is that the total number of questions is 30. The test time is half an hour less than the first two, and is an hour and a half. MCSE courses include 70-59 TCP / IP on Windows NT 4.0, 70-58 Networking Essentials, and 70-73 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

Looking at the above three types of examinations, each has its own advantages, and it is not easy to say whether it is easy or not. It can be said that these three types have their own emphasis, and their score distributions at different levels are very different, but they are almost the same in terms of passing probability.

The earliest type of F54 is because the Microsoft 70 475 Dumps are fixed. Therefore, the questions have been determined when downloading the questions in the test center. The overall difficulty is moderate. The passing score is generally between 700 and 830. However, there are 54 questions. The cardinality is large, the scores of a single question are scattered and it depends on the difficulty of the test. Generally, there can be about 14 wrong questions, which reduces the difficulty. The F30 test questions are also determined at the time of downloading. The overall difficulty is lower than that of F54, which is basically some more basic questions. Each question has the same score of 33 points (1000/30). The passing score is generally The score range of 733 or 766 is similar to that of F54, but it only has 30 questions that are about half less than the F54. The test can only have a maximum of seven wrong questions. This method is better for some candidates than other tests. It’s going to be harder.