How to Get Cleanning Power

Not only the outside should be clean, but also the inside should be clean. Sweeping is the construction of the heart, seemingly simple manual labor, but in fact contains profound wisdom of life. By cleaning, we can let go of our pride, learn humility, and face our new life with positive energy.

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If you want to get the cleaning power, you might as well start from the following aspects.

First, start cleaning small. For example, throw away the useless bills in the wallet, put away the cards that are not frequently used, then clean up a cluttered drawer with a wireless electric nano mister, and then organize the closet… Just do one thing at a time, and slowly spread throughout the room. Don’t try to get the whole house in order in one night, too much stress can get you halfway through.

Second, learn to throw things away, throw away or give away things that have not been used for a long time. American spiritual writer Louis Hay said in “Rebuilding Life”: “You can’t find today’s dinner in yesterday’s rubbish.” Saying goodbye to the past will allow us to break through and grow.

Third, whenever there is trouble or trouble, start to clean it up. A dirty and messy environment represents the accumulation of negative energy in the heart. Be diligent, with a small cleanup once a week and a big cleanup once a month, so that the environment becomes refreshing, emotional energy can flow naturally, and difficult things are often solved easily.

Finally, use the rare alone time to reflect on yourself as you clean up. Just like the garbage in the home is made by oneself, the misfortune in life is not all because of others, and if you reflect more, you will find your own responsibility. The ancients said, “Sweep the floor and sweep the heart, and sweep the ground without sweeping the heart”. When sweeping, sweep away all kinds of bad habits such as greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance (arrogance) and so on, so that the mind can be restored to clean, pure and happy.