How to choose a suitable stainless steel flower pot?

Stainless steel flower potwith stainless steel as raw material, so the corrosion resistance is also very good, and it also has a lot of stainless steel surface treatment processing method, common are sandblasting, plating titanium, mirror, color, drawing and so on many kinds of, plus some processing technology, made a flower pot is not only beautiful, and very durable. Because it is a metal product, so the hardness is very high damage rate is very low. It can be said that it is beautiful and durable. The stainless steel flowerpots are mainly used for storing flowers in airports, parks, hotels, exhibitions, offices, families and so on.

Stainless steel flower pot is now more popular than a kind of flowerpot, because the surface treatment of stainless steel (titanium plating, mirror, wire drawing, etching) and the improvement of processing technology, now the stainless steel flowerpot is not only to play the role of storage flowers, and flowers can also hand in echo, more beauty.

How to choose the right stainless steel flowerpot?

In potted flowers and trees, the volume of stainless steel flowerpot has a great impact on the growth of flowers and trees, it is particularly important to choose a reasonable stainless steel flowerpot, then, from which several angles to consider how to choose a stainless steel flowerpot?

1.Choose according to plant shape

Cantilevered type flowers and trees is like wisteria, condole orchid, evergreen cane to wait, choosetall decorative planters flowerpot normally, mouth of this kind of stainless steel flowerpot is lesser, basin body is deeper, with the branch tendril photograph that hangs down line, have fun very much.

And caespitose shape flower and wood is like azalea, milan, begonia, pomegranate, guada-leaf chrysanthemum, its branch leaf extend an area to compare big, suit to use big mouth stainless steel flowerpot.

2.Choose according to the size of the plant.

When the stainless steel flowerpot was too small, the plant appeared to be top-heavy, and the root system was difficult to stretch and grow. When the pot is too large, the water holding capacity of the pot soil is too much, but the plant has a small leaf surface, less water evaporation, and the soil is not easy to dry, which affects the root respiration of the plant and seriously causes the plant to rot. So choose the tall metal floor vases when plant is big.

3.Choose according to the height of the plant.

Choose the larger stainless steel flowerpot when the plant shape is higher, choose the beautiful small geometric vase when the plant is shorter, the overall visual effect will be better.

4.Choose flowers according to their colors.

Generally speaking, the flowers with lighter branches and leaves collocation brunet stainless steel flowerpot, brunet flowers collocation white stainless steel flowerpot, depth set off.

5.According to the choice of space collocation.

Stainless steel flowerpot should cooperate a space, potted want the simple sense of furniture, thing, color is harmonious, use the aesthetic feeling that promotes a bedroom interior and easy measurable.

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