How Much Prepare the CCIE Lab Cost?

Undoubtedly, the CCIE Lab Exam is considered to be quite a difficult exam. There’s also no arguing that the CCIE Lab Exam is going to be expensive. But, you could count it as an investment. As with any investment, it’s important to know how much it costs to determine whether it’s worth pursuing. Here’s a look at every expense that you would likely be going to incur while attempting to earn the Cisco 300-915 Dumps. It would include study materials, exam fees, etc.
First, it’s important to remember that CCIE doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Generally, there would be no prerequisite required to take the CCIE, but no one is going into this exam unprepared. The CCIE is considered to be an expert-level certification in a three-part series, and it would be assuming quite a bit of knowledge. You could gain that Cisco 300-920 Dumps with the recommended three to five years of experience or some more entry-level exams of Cisco.

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If you’re starting with no certs or want a holistic view of CCIE costs, then the CCNA and CCNP should be taken into consideration as well. Here are the costs for Cisco-proctored exams:
· All CCNAs are $300, except for the R&S track.
· ICND1 and ICND2 would cost you $165 each. The combined 200-105 ICND2 would be costing you $325.
· All CCNPs are $300.
Add them up and you would gain your first number. The recommended exams to CCIE, in certification exam alone, would be costing around $650.
The only requirement to appear in the CCIE Lab Exam would be by the completion of the Cisco 300-401 Dumps. Without it, you wouldn’t be allowed to appear in the CCIE Lab Exam. So, if you have cleared the CCIE Written Exam, this cost would be excluded. If not, make sure that you pass this exam in a single attempt. Else, with each attempt, you have to pay the exam fee of $450. If you wish to clear this exam in a single attempt, you should check out the Preparation courses, offered at the EveDumps Club. They are the leading study dumps provider and have a team of experts to guide you throughout your CCIE
You would be having 18 months after you have a clear written exam to take and pass the lab, and the written exam is good for three years. That’s important because most people take the lab exam several times.
Lab exam – $1,600 x times taken
With the CCIE written exam in your rearview mirror, you would be now ready for the lab exam, correct? Maybe. Believe everyone who would be telling you the lab exam is tough. There’s a number floating around the internet that the average CCIE would take the lab portion 2 to 3 times which would be based on your preparation. At $1,600 per attempt, plus travel and lodging would be considered, the CCIE lab exam can cost $4,900.
CCIE study material – $100 to $5,000
This would be considered as one of the most obvious places to start tallying the costs of studying for your CCIE. It’s also the place that could even save your money and time too. Study material is a potentially big investment. Also, after the investment, you will have to go through the self-study process, which again doesn’t provide you any guarantee of success. But, if you wish to save your money here, I would suggest you join the preparation courses, which are being offered at the EveDumps, they will guide you and they even provide you the guarantee, which you cannot gain with self-study through these Cisco 300-410 Dumps.