90% of people in the world just have used only less than 10% types of glasses case in the world

About glasses case, I am afraid that most people think that is a just giveaway after bought a eyeglass, so when you go to a optical shop to buy a pair of eyeglasses, what kind of eyeglass case you will get? usually, most people will get a metal eyeglasses case or plastic glasses case when they bought a pair of eyeglasses, and those whoe bought a pair of sunglasses will get a semi-rigid sunglasses case which are similar to Ray-Ban. I think those are the most common two kinds of glasses case in their daily life.

But how many kinds of glasses cases are there in the world? According to the author’s statistics, there are at least 8 types of glasses case that are being sold in the world. Let’s take a look at them.


1st: Metal glasses case (hard glasses case)

This type of glasses case is one of the most popular in the world,it is also the most classic glasses cases.Their main structure is made of steel, and then glued with PU,PVC or some other fabric material covered outsite, and use PS flocking inside the case.

hard glasses case

The most notable feature of this hard glasses case is its indestructible feature, which can satisfies the most basic needs people of glasses case, which can protect the eyeglasses inside the case from external pressure or any wear and tear.If the metal glasses case can be beautifully shaped with creative designed, I think it would be excellent. because the price is very reasonable of this kind of case. If there is any shortcomings, I think it should be that this type of glasses case is relatively large and heavy. For example, because most of these hard glasses cases are made of iron inside so it won’t be light, also they cannot be compressed so they are bulky, it is not like glasses which are easy to transport. Others I feel impeccable.


2nd: Semi-hard sunglasses case (travel sunglasses case)

This kind of glasses case actually arises from the EVA foaming process, so people in this industry usually call it as EVA glasses case, but some people call it as safety glasses case, it is estimated that this type of glasses case is usually have a large size. So many people use it to filling goggles in, also some people call it a travel sunglasses case, because this type of sunglasses case usually have a plastic spring hook, which can connect the sunglasses case on the backpack,It’s very convenience that to pick up the travel sunglasses case from backpack when you wear it on traveling.In other side,It is inconvenient to get your  sunglasses case if you put it in your backpack.

travel glasses case

But do you know why people put this kind case on a backpack? I think the main reason is light and hard of the case. OK I have told many advantages of the semi-hard sunglasses case.but every coin have 2 sides,so is the traveling sunglasses case.This case is mostly composed of mesh nylon cloth corvered outside. The material can not to printing some beautiful patterns well, and it needs to be stretched of the cloth outside while processing, so if it is patterned, it will be easily deformed, and the position of the pattern or logo will not controlled well.so itt is not better to reflect the brand characteristics,This kind of case are usually relatively simple in the market, most of them are mainly solid colors, some brands can only use their colorless debossed to make the LOGO on the surface, so the brand character will not high-profile on this case.


3rd: Plastic glasses case

The plastic glasses case are usually has a light weight with a relatively pressure resistant outer casing. The biggest feature of this case is the competitive price, which was loved by the glasses sales merchants for students. In the current market, more than 80% of plastic glasses case price are less than 0.3 US dollars per piece, also most manufactory have a strong production capacity on this cases. The bottom of the glasses case is often covered with a layer of EVA foam pad to reduce the damage to the eyeglasses due to vibration, while reduceing the damage caused by the friction between the glasses and the plastic at the same time.

plastic glasses case

In recent years, some spectacles case suppliers have begun to pay attention to the development of plastic glasses cases, and due to the prevalence of minimalist aesthetics, more and more beautiful and amazing plastic glasses cases have appeared on the market recently.This broke the old concept that plastic glasses case is a cheap glasses case gradually, and make people re-examine the plastic glasses case, in recent years, with the popularity of online shopping, online procurement of eyeglass is not a new thing, but as you know,the e-commerces are very sensitive to the weight of goods, they also wants to ensure the safety of their eyeglass products,So they are eager to get a sturdy, lightweight and cheap glasses case, This explains why high-quality plastic glasses cases have been widely adopted by e-commerce in recent years.


4th: Folding glasses case

Folding glasses case is one of the greatest inventions in the history of glasses case. The birth of this type of glasses case completely solved the problem of the small size glasses case can not be strong enough to protect eyeglasses inside,also it solves the problem that when the eyeglasses are taken out of a eyeglass case, but case is too large to be placed. Most of folding glasses case are triangularc,we also named this as triangular glasses case,this kind of case have high compression resistance capacity.

folding glasses case

The foldable glasses case means cost of transfortation will be reduced, and all of the above are his advantages. If you have to say his shortcomings, it is that the production process of this type of glasses case is more complicated, and There are many installation processes that require manual participation. Therefore, its cost is relatively expensive. At present, most folding glasses cases on the market are around 1 US dollar. Although the price is slightly higher than troditional glasses case, it is not a big deal compared with the price of the eyeglasses. Therefore, there are still many brands of eyewear who are willing to use folding glasses cases, especially some emerging brands or creative eyewear brands who are more willing to use.


5th: Semi-soft glasses case (leather sunglasses case)

This glasses case was inspired by the Ray-Ban’s case, actually most of the design of these type were based on the Rayban glasses case, which produced more semi-rigid styles. Some are similar to wallets, and some are similar to small clutches.

leather glasses case

In fact, this description is a bit unimaginable, so it may be more intuitive to show some pictures as follows. The important is, this kind of glasses case is very popular among fashion lovers, Like leather belts and other leather goods, they are no longer just used as accessories for eyeglasses. They can be sold as independent goods at an appropriate price. There are only a few well-known European brands on the market who are willing to use this type of glasses case as their flagship style. After all, their eyeglasses are expensive to sell. According to the author, the semi-soft eyeglasses case or leather glasses case are currently manufactured just in a few suppliers in China, and even fewer new design are being developed.


6th: Glasses pouch

Glasses pouch as a kind of glasses case, the biggest feature is cheap, followed by convenient storage. This kind of product is often made of microfiber material, the material is similar to glasses cloth, and it usually has drawstring to be the closure. actually eyeglass pouch are not only for eyeglasses, it can be used to protect and pack many other products, such as jewelry,watches and other small things, in fact, it was originally designed not only for glasses.

glasses pouch

The cost of most of glasses bag in the market from manufactory are less than $0.20psc, with a very little cost for shipping. The disadvantage is that most of glasses pouch has no pressure resistance capacity and can only prevent the glasses from being worn away from being entangled by other stuffs. The important is, most of the glasses bags can not sold as a formal product, but being used as a giveaway with eyeglass, so very few people know its real price.


7th: Contact lens case

The concept of contact lens case is a little broad, it can be divided into 2 concepts. The first type refers to a circular closed plastic case that directly holds contact lens and can be immersed in a liquid. The contact lens double-case is very common in the market. the other one refers to a small spectacle case containing the first described lens double-case.

contact lens hotsalecute contact lens case

Usually, it will have more place for other items inside the case, such as a lens tweezers, a small suction bar, a soaking liquid and etc. In order to take into account the convenience of wearing contact lenses, A small mirror are installed in this kind of contact lens case. Considering that most consumers which wearing contact lens cases are female, the vast majority of contact lens cases are designed to be feminine.such a pink color,cute shape and etc.


8th: handmade glasses case

When we talk about handmade glasses cases, the concept is too broad. The concept of handmade glasses cases is actually different in the world, the author will make a standard definition of handmade glasses case here first time in the world. 1st:In most Western countries, handmade glasses case refer to some semi-soft glasses cases that are not mass-produced, with leather or high-quality fabrics as the main raw material, and with some exquisite hand-carved patterns or patterns. 2nd:For mainland in China, also is the main product area in the world of glasses case, concept of the handmade glasses case is relatively broad, it mainly refers to the low mechanized manufacturing, using iron, plastic or cardboard as the skeleton, covered with hand-splicing PU or PVC by glue. A spectacle case or a folding eyeglass case for the exterior finish. In general, a handmade eyeglass case is a hard or semi-hard eyeglass case with low mechanization participation,more process by workers.

handmade glasses case

The 3D feel of this type of glasses case is the best among all kinds of glasses cases, the style can also be very beautiful, also the most difficulty process in production. That is to say,it cost more time to product a single case,so the production efficiency of this case is low. The price of such a spectacle case is usually about 1.2 US dollar to 1.5 US dollars. But almost every handmade glasses case is called a artwork among glasses cases. Only a few famous glasses brands or a few emerging eyewear brands will purchase it as its main glasses case. There are currently fewer suppliers of such eyeglass cases, and only a handful of them are available.

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