How many kind of hard glasses case in this market

what is hard glasses case

hard glasses case

Now days, there are many people use hard eyeglasses case, but do you know how hardness of these hard glasses case, how many kinds of hard glasses case in this market?
The author will discuss this issue in this article.
In the traditional sense, a hard glasses case usually refers to a material that is relatively hard and has a certain anti-extrusion property. At the same time, it can reduce the damage to the internal glasses to a certain extent after falling from a certain height.
So, how many kinds of hard glasses case in this market? there are metal body hard glasses case, plastic hard eyeglass case, handmade hard glasses case. Now let’s talking about those case.

1.Metal body hard glasses case.

iron hard glasses case

This is the most popular hard glasses case in the market, it usually have a iron body inside with pu leather covered. This kind of hard glasses cases are usually heavy and strong, they are able to provide the most comprehensive protection for the inner eyeglass.This kind of glasses case is moderately priced. Most fabrics, including PU leather and fabrics, as well as new materials, can be attached to its body. So this kind of hard glasses case is updated very fast.

2.Plastic hard glasses case

plastic hard glasses case

Unlike to iron inside hard glasses case, the plastic hard eyeglass case is very light. usually they have nothing covered its body, the most difference between these hard plastic eyeglass case is it’s color and materials, Although they are called plastic glasses cases, plastics are also divided into many types, including PP materials, ABS engineering plastics and etc. usually PP metrials is most used and cheap, even they are soft than ABS, ABS is a very nice materials, they are more hard and strong than PP.

3.Handmade hard glasses case,

This is a very special hard glasses case. Their shapes are very varied, the styles are very beautiful, and they also have some steel inside, but the overall compression resistance of this type of hard glasses case is not as good as the traditional iron glasses case. Such a glasses case is rarely produced by a company because it has more works for manual participation and less mechanization, so the production cost is high and the price is relatively expensive. some case are like a trainglar, it can also foldable, so we named it as trainglar foldable glasses case

Triangular foldable glasses case

In fact, the so-called hard glasses case is far more than the above mentioned, the author here only states some types of mainstream hard glasses cases, then as a consumer, you have also been exposed to several kinds of hard glasses case, welcome Feel free to let me know, my email address is

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