How exactly branding affect ASO effort for mobile traffic growth?

Now, we come to the core of our discussion. How exactly does branding affect ASO?

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Brand keywords

Did you know that the biggest searches made in app stores are brand keywords? Yes, that’s right.

This means that most people know exactly which app they want to download. So, instead of simply searching for “social media apps,” they would rather use keywords such as “Facebook,” “Instagram,” or “Twitter.”

Instead of using “messaging apps,” they would use “WhatsApp,” “Messenger,” or “WeChat.”

As a result, many ASO managers are compelled to fight over the remaining and highly competitive keyword searches. If you don’t have an established brand yet, you’ll find yourself to be one of these ASO managers.

Now, imagine if you have a brand like that of the biggest and most popular apps in the app stores today? Your customers and users won’t simply look for similar apps, but rather, they would use exact keywords that match your brand.

Without proper branding and you only rely on organic ASO, you will soon see yourself buried in oblivion. No one knows you and no one cares about your app anymore.

Popular brands get chosen more often

Think about this scenario:

You are searching for a particular type of app. Let’s say, you’re looking for a photo editor. You typed in your search term, hit search, and received a lot of search results.

Because the app store presents various options, you quickly scan through the search result, and you are more likely to select an app that is already familiar to you. As expected, you choose the app with popular branding.

If you put popular brands side by side with the rest, even if they have similar features, there’s a higher chance that popular brands will have a better conversion rate.

That’s the power of branding for your app’s success.

Reputed brands foster loyal customers

If you have established a good reputation through branding, people would trust you more. They become loyal users and customers. Not only that but they would happily endorse your app to other people.

One good example would be Google. They have dominated not just the search engine market, but the entire cyberspace. In fact, they have become so popular that the name Google has become a verb.

Because of branding, Google was able to further increase its influence. So, in almost all cases, when Google releases a new product, people would instantly perceive it as a good product, which they should try.

Not only that but Google integrated all their products and services into one package. So, people who already have Gmail can also use Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Play Store, and so much more.

That’s how dominating Google is and a big part of their success is due to their aggressive and effective branding.