How Entrepreneurs Become the Hottest AI Talents Like Andrew Ng

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: As the most cutting-edge technology field, artificial intelligence has become the most popular subject at the moment.

Teacher Kai-Fu Li once said that what is lacking most in the development of artificial intelligence in China is talents. It’s no wonder that Wu Enda’s departure has become the hottest news in the technology circle.

Nowadays, almost every domestic start-up company must talk about artificial intelligence. Investment institutions that do not invest in artificial intelligence are embarrassed to hold shareholder meetings. Baidu is also the initiator of the domestic artificial intelligence boom. As a leader in the field of artificial intelligence in China, the chief scientist of Baidu, resigned at the juncture of artificial intelligence, which naturally became the focus of discussion and speculation.

A friend who switched from the field of artificial intelligence and now wants to switch back, told the editor of that although there is a certain bubble in the field of artificial intelligence, for talents in artificial intelligence, it is now a The best time to enter the business. He recalled that when he just graduated in 2007, no one understood artificial intelligence at that time. “Either you think you’re doing research, or you think you’ve read too much science fiction.”

This is also the reason why he gave up artificial intelligence back then.

Now that the field of artificial intelligence is so hot, what should an entrepreneur do if he wants to get involved in the field of artificial intelligence? Regarding this issue, the editor discussed and communicated with him. The following is the list. are beneficial.

1. First of all, it is necessary to carry out macro control of the industry.

If you enter the artificial intelligence industry, it is very important to understand the industry classification of artificial intelligence.

From the underlying technology, there are algorithms, semantic recognition, image analysis and other categories. These are the most basic directions. Entering artificial intelligence, only for these directions can we proceed to the next step and find application scenarios.

Scenario applications have become diverse, such as the most popular smart travel, Baidu, Google and even Apple are betting heavily on autonomous driving.There is also intelligent hardware. The intelligent hardware referred to here is not a smart wearable device in the current sense, but an interactive hardware capable of carrying a neural network system and various precise sensors, such asrobotand many more. There are also large-scale intelligent CNC production equipment, etc. These are the application scenarios of artificial intelligence currently visible.

A person who enters the game must start with the most basic industry learning.

First clarify the classification, then create an industry map, and be able to figure out its upstream and downstream, which will help you understand the industry and help you enter the industry to communicate very quickly and unimpeded.

Then you can use the industry report of artificial intelligence, reading the report is the fastest way to understand the industry.

2. Second, we must master the development context of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is divided into three levels, computational intelligence, perceptual intelligence, and cognitive intelligence.

How Entrepreneurs Become the Hottest AI Talents Like Andrew Ng

Previously, the big data and machine learning we have come into contact with generally belong to the category of computational intelligence. Computational intelligence is the foundation of artificial intelligence, and both neural networks and machine learning rely on massive calculations and data accumulation. For example, Alpha go, which beats human Go masters, is the representative of computational intelligence.

Then the next stage of perceptual intelligence relies on sensor technology. Sensor technology is the input of external random variables. To realize the feedback of equipment to environmental variables, collecting variables is an indispensable process. For example, the iPhone has built a lot of sharp sensors, and some people even assert that Apple will be the winner of artificial intelligence in the next stage.

The final form of artificial intelligence is cognitive intelligence. This needs to combine the content of the above two levels, including not only the algorithm, but also the input device of the information. Now the major giants are fully deploying intelligent driving, and its realization is a process of cognitive intelligence. Through deep learning and environmental variable detection, the ability to deal with all problems is realized, which is the embodiment of cognitive intelligence.

3. The last is hard power, mastering relevant basic disciplines.

The logical framework for learning artificial intelligence has been built, and what needs to be mastered is the knowledge of basic disciplines, which is the core of becoming a real artificial intelligence talent.

Computer – In the CS that AI is divided into, computer foundation is necessary, mastering C.LABVIEW.MATLAB. and related programming languages, and learning data structures and algorithms are entry-level requirements.

Linguistics – Natural language processing requires relevant knowledge, and if you can’t understand speech, it is not called AI.

Neuroscience – A very important direction of AI is to simulate the human brain, and it is critical to understand the mechanism of human thinking.

Psychology and Philosophy – What is intelligence, how does one perceive, how does one learn. These questions are answered by psychology and philosophy.

Cybernetics – Controlling AI andmechanicalThis is the guarantee of outputting artificial intelligence as machine behavior.

Materials Science – A must for hardware.

In addition, advanced mathematics, linear generation, discrete mathematics, probability theory and other related mathematical foundations,digital informationEngineering and other professional English, digital electricity and analog electricity must also be learned. Only by mastering these, can you plan your own development direction and find the application scenarios that you can cut into.

Of course, this is only the most basic preparation for entrepreneurs involved in the field of artificial intelligence. To reach the height of Professor Wu Enda, it requires more effort and sweat. Artificial intelligence has become the most critical field of future technological development, and conforming to the trend is the greatest guarantee for entrepreneurial success.

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