How Do I Prepare the Juniper Certification Exam?

First understand what is olive. JUNOS is developed from the FreeBSD operating system code after modification. FreeBSD can be installed on a PC. The routing engine of the Juniper M series router is based on Intel’s PC architecture. It is a PC. JUNOS is installed on the M series routing engine, so JUNOS can also be installed on an ordinary PC. A PC with JUNOS is like the same M series router, and Juniper can be implemented on Juniper JN0 1100 Dumps. Most of the functions of the router, this is olive. In short, olive is a PC with JUNOS installed.

Juniper declares that the installation of JUNOS on a PC is illegal, and requires agents and customers worldwide to destroy their own low-level JUNOS with various storage media as carriers to promote more levels of JUNOS. These higher versions cannot be properly installed on a PC, which limits the further spread of olive.

The second is to talk about Juniper JN0 1330 Dumps. It is well known that RFC standards documents are the most accurate and complete interpretation of some standards. There are a large number of RFC documents and complicated content. From simple IP address definitions to complex routing protocol implementation mechanisms, these are not all we can master, so my suggestion is that unless you have reached a certain level, the RFC documents are still for everyone. A tool to find when you encounter problems. In fact, the purpose of the RFC document is the same.

Juniper Preparation

In fact, until the simulator was installed, Juniper JNCIA JN0-102 dumps for learning Juniper certification were prepared. However, due to cost considerations, I still haven’t thought about the test of JNCIE certification, but just hold the mentality of contacting Juniper equipment and knowing the JUNOS operating system. The JNCIS exam is also very dramatic. When I went to the original training institution to play, I occasionally heard that the juniper certification exam can now be performed here, and the certification fee for JNCIS is not high, only $ 125, compared to the Cisco written test. 2700RMB is simply a little witch, and already has a working and stable income, so with the idea of ​​one more certificate and more competitiveness, I took the JNCIS exam. In my personal opinion, it is not accidental to pass the JNCIS certification, because the foundation of CCIE, plus the previous Juniper JNCIS ENT JN0-347 dumps, and more importantly, the method.

In the study of the two study guides of JNCIA and JNCIS, I did not die, but I found out the special places of Juniper, such as the difference between Cisco’s AD table and juniper’s preference table (the role of juniper RE, PFE, data packets from The process of entering the interface to the final forwarding, the modular structure of JUNOS, the unique policy settings, etc.).