How Agencies can Find Quality Leads and Better UA Strategies?

Mobile Advertising is as competitive as ever and it can be hard for an app publisher to keep up with the competition. As there are millions of apps and more are being released every day. To tackle this case, most app publishers trust their own UA team to do competitor analysis to improve their creative strategies and what countries they could focus more on. But some app publishers choose to work with ad agencies or agencies that have the means to outsource creative and UA related issues.

So if you’re in the creative team of an ad agency, you might be wondering how to create a better strategy for:

Within the Ad Inteligence product, there are essential features to ease your daily workflows at your Agency.

The first thing ad agencies are concerned with is presenting their clients with a useful UA strategy to get them ahead of competitors.

Creative Analysis for existing clients & lead generating

One of the ways agencies use Ad Intelligence is to do the creative analysis of the competitors on behalf of the app they are working for. In Top Advertisers, you can use basic filtering to narrow down your search. (to a certain category, country, and app store.)

For instance, if your client makes games in the game-puzzle category and they want to improve their strategy specifically in the UK, all you need to do is to use the relevant filters on the Top Advertisers page. You will get a list of competitor apps based on your filters and sorted according to the impression scores. You can also see their app publishers and their ranking on the same page.

Once you have this list, you can go through the competitors one by one. By clicking on their app names and going to their Campaign Analysis page.

In Campaign Analysis you are able to see everything from which Ad Networks they are using, the total number of apps they are currently publishing ads for the app, what countries they are running their ads in and what languages, as well as their creative counts & types.

When you scroll down you can see their top creatives (based on impression scores) in more detail.

Gathering material for Lead Generation

Another concern for ad agencies is finding new clients. MobileAction platform is also a lead generation tool that can be used to find new clients. If you are already working with a couple of game companies and want to work with more, you can use Top Advertisers and Campaign Analysis the same way for the apps you want to work with.

Once you have figured out their UA strategy as you did above, you can then see their competitors’ strategies. And using that information you can reach out to them. By giving them something useful about their competitors and the kind of creative strategies they use, you’d have more chance to grab their attention than if you were to not include any data.

For example, Zynga’s Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells uses mostly social ad networks. TUYOO’s Fish Blast game, however, chose more private ad networks. Harry Potter game is currently 7th in overall advertising, while Fish Blast is way down at 443rd. This is something you can use to lure TUYOO into working with you. You can suggest that using social ad networks might be better for the category they’re competing in. And show their campaign analysis to back up your statement. Another thing you can do is look at both of their top creatives and add them to a collection.

Or find any difference that might be useful like the specific ad network used for that creative, any differences in ad subtitles, format, etc. all of which you can find in Campaign Analysis page.

You can also favorite the apps you have your eye on to keep track of their creative strategies and performance.

Top App Publishers for Publisher based Lead Generation

Top Advertisers and Campaign Analysis aren’t the only tools you can use for lead generation. If you want to do a more publisher based search, then you can go to Top App Publishers. Here too, you can choose country, ad networks, app store, and the category you want. This way a list of top app publishers based on your specific search will appear like in the ss below. This list can be especially useful. See how many apps each publisher has and their total impression scores. Which can be a determining factor in choosing high-quality leads your agency might want to work with.


The main benefits Ad Networks can get by using Ad Intelligence are:

  • Helping with Lead Generation efforts
  •  Analyzing best performing video creatives in the market for competitor analysis or for lead generation
  • Seeing creatives your client’s competitors are releasing and using that intelligence for either lead generation or for improving your client’s UA strategies.

In providing better UA strategies for clients or gathering the material to be able to reach out to new leads, Ad Intelligence plays a crucial role. Using it well through its multiple features and filters, it will make your life so much easier in finding more quality leads and providing the existing ones with innovating creative strategies.

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