Honor 50 Pro won another award, and the popularity has not diminished after four months of listing

The Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Technology Development Outstanding Technology Popularity Award is based on the Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Technology Exhibition (Tech G). The award is selected by the Internet and has been professionally reviewed by industry leaders. It is the recognition of professionals for the degree of diversified product innovation.

Obtaining the Outstanding Technological Popularity Award is naturally inseparable from the strong product power of the Honor 50 Pro. As the first digital series model launched after the independence of Honor, it can be seen that the Honor 50 Pro has many innovations and design that can lead the trend.

The Honor 50 Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G mobile platform. With Honor’s strong R&D capabilities, the Snapdragon 778G has been continuously optimized and adjusted, and GPU Turbo X and Link Turbo have been transplanted to the Snapdragon platform. Image processing and networking have been greatly improved, which brings consumers a more extreme performance experience. According to third-party platform data, the average frame rate of Honor 50 Pro running large mobile games such as “Peace Elite” and “Honor of Kings” is close to 90 full frames, and it is very stable.

In terms of shooting, Honor 50 Pro can be called a Vlog artifact. After constant insight into consumer needs, Honor brings a one-stop Vlog video shooting, so that even new Vlog users can shoot professional and interesting Vlog. The multi-lens video recording and other functions of the Honor 50 Pro are optimized based on multiple ISP channels to ensure flexible lens calling, and the image quality of multi-lens switching is still clear and vivid. There is also a high-level audio-visual algorithm blessing, which truly achieves a single shot.

In the rear lens module, the Honor 50 Pro is equipped with a 100 million-pixel ultra-clear four-camera to comprehensively improve the image quality, clarity and detail. In the default mode, the Honor 50 Pro can output 12 million pixel photos, and the large pixels after synthesis bring better picture quality, while in the high pixel mode, the Honor 50 Pro can output 100 million pixel photos for later cropping and enlargement. Provides more space.

In order to bring users a more extreme user experience, the Honor 50 Pro supports 100W super fast charging, which can charge 90% of the power in just 20 minutes, and it can be fully charged in more than 20 minutes. This speed is currently at the leading level. It is worth mentioning that the Honor 50 Pro adopts a new single-cell dual-circuit fast charging solution, which has certain advantages over a single-cell, which not only brings a thinner body design, but also reduces the loss of the battery itself. It also allows the mobile phone battery to have a longer service life.

As a glorious digital series pursuing the ultimate aesthetic, it is always online in terms of appearance. The Honor 50 Pro adopts a dual-ring + ring lens module design, which brings a higher degree of recognition. In terms of color matching, the Honor 50 Pro now has five types of Honor Code, First Snow Crystal, Summer Amber, Mo Yuqing and Bright Black. Among them, Honor Code and First Snow Crystal are very eye-catching colors, which are very suitable for consumers who pursue fashion.

Sales and word of mouth are the alchemy stones of whether a product is successful or not. Up to now, Honor 50 Pro has achieved good sales and has a very good reputation in the hearts of consumers. This time, it won the outstanding technology popularity of Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Technology Exhibition. The award is also a strong affirmation of Honor 50 Pro. It is expected that in the future, Glory will continue to insight into the needs of consumers, continue to make breakthroughs and innovations with strong R&D capabilities, and bring consumers more products with excellent experience. Let us wait and see!

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