High light machine service quality depends on what factors

 Customers who purchase high-gloss machine equipment are more concerned about after-sales service. In the previous article, we made a brief analysis of the structure and maintenance of high-gloss machine. In this article, the editor will give you an answer to what factors depend on the high-gloss cnc machine service quality , I hope to help practitioners in related industries such as high-gloss machine or high-speed machining.

  1. The factors that determine the service quality of the high-light machine:
  2. Whether the manufacturer has strong strength
  3. Have high-quality technical engineers
  4. Whether to have a good after-sales cnc machining parts supply
  5. Whether you have an excellent after-sales service concept
  6. Does the high-gloss machine supplier have a perfect after-sales service system
  7. Can we continue to develop in the research and development, production, sales and service of engraving equipment?

Second, the matters needing attention in the operation of the highlighter:

  1. Check the temperature and storage capacity of the coolant in the coolant tank before use, and turn on the refrigerator (water pump) to ensure the normal circulation of the coolant.
  2. Check carefully whether the tool path is correct before machining. When machining metal, cutting fluid must be added, and the cutting fluid must be flushed onto the tool.
  3. Before engraving, carefully check the size of the tool used. The performance meets the requirements of machining programming. Before starting machining, be sure to confirm whether the starting point of each axis is correct.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to place any objects on the machine table or crossbeam, and it is strictly forbidden to knock or hit the end cover of the spindle motor. It is strictly forbidden to knock the chuck when unloading the knife, and it is forbidden to put the hand on and lean on the bed of the machine tool.
  5. It is forbidden to use the machine tool in an overheated or overcooled state. It can be used only when the ambient temperature is 10 ℃ -30 ℃.
  6. During the engraving process of PTJ Machine Body Company, it is strictly forbidden to observe the laser cutting surface too close to prevent chips from flying into your eyes! When observing, suspend engraving and turn off the spindle motor.
  7. The high-speed high-gloss machine is a light-weight processing equipment. The sum of the weight of the workpiece and the processing scrap should not exceed the rated load of the machine tool. The spindle motor must be rested for two hours every day.