Heavy disclosure!Foreign institutions steal sensitive data from my country

With the continuous improvement of my country’s comprehensive national strength, traditional security and non-traditional security threats are intertwined, and new situations, new problems and challenges are constantly increasing. In recent years, national security agencies have adhered to the overall national security concept, and have successively cracked a large number of key cases in non-traditional security fields, eliminating many actual and potential harms.

Free equipment? Senior member?Tempting conditions but hidden conspiracy

Recently, the national security agency announced a non-traditional security case. Since 2020, national security agencies have successively discovered that multiple foreign institutions have opened websites in my country and pushed advertisements on multiple platforms such as Weibo, Tieba, forums, QQ groups, and video websites, taking advantage of my country’s domestic aviation and radio enthusiast groups. , Using free equipment, sharing aviation information and data, etc. as bait, extensively recruit volunteers to assist them in collecting aviation data and other information of various types of aircraft in my country, and illegally transmit them overseas.

Mr. Li is an aerial photography enthusiast and likes to take pictures of airplanes. Once, while browsing the photography forum, he noticed a message about a certain overseas company recruiting volunteers. If you successfully become a volunteer, you will not only have a device that can receive flight data for free, but you can also become a lifelong senior member of the company, and you can see the information and headings of aircraft from various countries in the world.

Picture △Mr. Li signed up to apply for a volunteer picture△Mr. Li received the reply email after submitting the application

Out of curiosity, coupled with this attractive condition, Mr. Li logged on to the other party’s website to sign up, and soon received a reply email.

Mr. Li: Tell me that your application has been passed. I waited about two or three months, it was an international express, and then the equipment was delivered.

CCTV reporter Wang Li: This is the equipment used by overseas organizations to collect and transmit aviation data to recruited volunteers. We can see that the volume of this equipment is very small and the structure is simple. Volunteers only need After simple assembly and debugging according to the manual, without manual operation, this device can automatically collect and transmit real-time data.

Volunteers were recruited to collect my country’s aviation data

The investigator told reporters that this set of equipment is called ADS_B signal receiving equipment, which can track all aircraft equipped with this system. When in use, you only need to place the antenna next to the window to automatically obtain the data information of the aircraft within a certain range. When the equipment is connected to the Internet, the data can also be transmitted overseas in real time.

Police Officer of the Beijing Municipal National Security Bureau: The letters represent the model of the aircraft. These are altitude, this is speed, and then this is latitude and longitude, all of which can be displayed in real time.

Most of these signal acquisition devices are concentrated near aviation hubs in major cities, and can basically monitor aircraft in my country’s airspace. The reporter learned that such a device can send about 1,000 flight data overseas and send about 130,000 pieces of position data every day. The coverage radius of the device can reach 300 to 400 kilometers. It only needs about 300 units to realize the impact on my country. Signal monitoring of aircraft throughout the airspace.

In this way, my country’s important aviation data is continuously transmitted abroad. There are many volunteers who are kept in the dark like Mr. Li.

Mr. Li told reporters that at first he had thought that the equipment would only detect civil aviation passenger planes, but once, when he watched the dynamics of the aircraft of various countries through the premium member account provided by an overseas organization, he suddenly saw a foreign military aircraft.

Mr. Li: I was very surprised at the time because my perception was only for the detection of passenger planes. I didn’t expect it to upload some military stuff. I felt that this stuff would involve some hidden dangers of information leakage. Then I This equipment was dismantled and broken off. It was less than a day after the interruption, and the email from the other party came. The content was that your device was offline. Please confirm the status of the device, and then I did not reply.

It was then that Mr. Li finally realized that he did not dare to use this equipment anymore.

Research by relevant units shows that a large number of illegal installations of this equipment in my country can not only monitor civil aviation information, but also receive part of my country’s military frequency points, and detect and monitor military aircraft models and flight trajectories, directly threatening China’s military security and aviation security.

Police Officer of Beijing National Security Bureau: For military aircraft, this kind of harm is even more self-evident. We all know that military aircraft are aircraft that perform special missions. Once their whereabouts are exposed, they will directly lead to the failure of military missions, with immeasurable consequences. And after our investigation, we found that this kind of equipment uses some encryption algorithms in the transmission process, and the amount of data it covers is extremely large, just to prevent it from being detected by the network security department of the country where it is installed. This is very clear.

National security agencies seized hundreds of illegally deployed equipment by foreign institutions

A few days ago, the national security organs, in conjunction with regulatory agencies, organized special investigations across the country and seized hundreds of sets of equipment illegally deployed by foreign institutions in my country.

Although these volunteers did not intentionally endanger national security, they inadvertently assisted overseas companies in collecting my country’s aviation flight data, which caused hidden dangers to my country’s national security. Commented education.

Mr. Li: I also reflect that my behavior may have some serious hidden dangers including consequences. In the process of engaging in your hobbies, you must have a clear understanding of this matter, and you must repeatedly distinguish the things that these door-to-doors provide you with some benefits and make you feel like taking advantage.

Fictitiously exaggerating my country’s marine garbage data to “feed” overseas smears

In addition to aviation data, marine data security has always been the focus of continuous attention by national security agencies. After work, it was discovered that a domestic environmental protection organization, with the funding and training of overseas organizations, set up a large number of monitoring points along the coastline of my country in the name of cleaning up marine debris to collect offshore ocean data. Some of these monitoring points are located near important military targets, jeopardizing our national security.

This is a research article published by an overseas scientific research institution in February this year. The article arbitrarily falsified and exaggerated that the garbage density of the Shanghai coastline is 10 times that of Australia and the United States, which is seriously inconsistent with the facts. The data cited in the article comes from a research report prepared by an environmental protection organization in my country.

This environmental protection organization was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization focusing on marine debris cleaning, monitoring and research. Beginning in 2014, the organization established nearly a hundred monitoring points in coastal areas of China, carried out regular coastline monitoring activities, collected information on the types, amounts, and distribution density of coastal garbage, and formed and released China’s marine garbage maps and research reports.

Li Daoji, Director of the Ocean Plastics Research Center of East China Normal University: China has a long coastline and different types. There must be a scientific method for these coasts to be able to obtain more authoritative data, convincing data, and correct data. First of all, in this selection, there can be no traces of man-made in it, (must) select these locations scientifically and randomly. When he investigated, he had broken the principle of averaging, because he was picking up places with a lot of (garbage) or where there was rubbish to investigate. I can’t say where there is a lot of garbage, I will go there to sample. Otherwise, after the data is released, it may be overestimated many, many times, which will cause some misleading.

Because the selection method and research method are unscientific, the conclusions drawn are naturally incorrect. The organization has issued a report claiming that the number density of marine debris in my country is 1110148 pieces/km2 and the weight density is 24503 kg/km2, which are 20 times and 8 times the scientific monitoring results of the Chinese government regulatory agencies respectively. The data from such a survey has become the basis for foreign institutions to discredit China.

In addition, another incident of the organization is also very confusing.

Zhang Maodong, head of the Ecological Resources Department of the China Ocean Development Foundation: According to them, the data of this marine garbage survey will be reported to the relevant state departments as soon as possible. A detailed list is also listed. In fact, they This kind of behavior is to pull the flag and pull the tiger’s skin. We also got in touch with these units and verified them one by one. After verification, we found that the data was indeed not given to any unit as they said.

Various suspicious behaviors have aroused the attention of national security agencies. During the investigation, the national security agency discovered that the situation was more complicated than expected.

Long-term funded overseas collection and provision of sensitive data in my country

Police Officer of the Ministry of National Security: Our investigation found that this organization has a very complicated overseas background. Since 2014, it has continuously received funding from more than 20 overseas organizations. In just over a year from 2018 to 2019, it has received more than two million yuan of overseas funds, of which only one of the funds has been filed with the relevant departments of China. In addition, the work also found that the multiple garbage monitoring points set up by the organization are adjacent to our important military targets.

At the request of overseas investors, the organization under the banner of environmental protection, under the name of “Marine Garbage Monitoring”, in addition to collecting garbage data and monitoring the marine environment, it also collects a large number of monitoring points, longitude and latitude, wind speed and direction, water temperature and depth, and beaches. Ocean data such as slope is also transmitted overseas in large quantities through the network disk.

Researcher Wang Jianbin of the Naval Academy: Information such as latitude and longitude, environment, geology, ocean currents and other information contains basic ocean data near our coastline. Once the relevant data flows abroad, it is very easy to be used by foreign military intelligence agencies, which will pose a potential threat to the national and military interests and security. .

22 monitoring points are close to our important military targets

According to statistics, among the nearly 100 monitoring points established by the organization, 22 are close to important military targets and naval vessels.

Cadres of the Security Bureau of the Naval Political Work Department: 22 monitoring points are close to our ships’ entry and exit channels and military restricted areas. They can observe the activities of our military ports and warships in all weather and sea conditions, which poses a great challenge to security and secrecy. These monitoring points have a wide range of monitoring and can collect a large amount of data. If analyzed, they will directly threaten the operational safety of our maritime forces.

Among these monitoring points, the closest straight line distance to our important military target is only 700 meters. Is this ignorance or another attempt.

Volunteer of a certain environmental protection organization: During the first monitoring, he (the person in charge of the environmental protection organization) also asked us to download an App, (using) GPS to provide them with screenshots of the latitude and longitude according to their requirements. At that time, I found it strange because the latitude and longitude are not related to picking up trash. After we provided it once, we did not provide it to him in the future.

At a monitoring point in Shanghai, the military port on the opposite side can be seen with the naked eye. When the national security agency asked the person in charge of the organization in accordance with the law, his confession was informed in advance, but when the monitoring point was blocked by a fence and the gate was locked, it still sent people to bypass the tidal flat and enter the monitoring activities. As for the large number of volunteers participating in the activity, their environmental protection enthusiasm was used by organizations with ulterior motives.

Police officers of the Shanghai National Security Bureau: The organization has set up 22 monitoring points close to military targets, which have posed a real threat to my country’s military security, and violated Article 8 Paragraph 4 of the “Anti-espionage Law Implementation Rules” “using the establishment of social groups or enterprises Undertakings to carry out activities endangering national security”.

In June of this year, under the command of the Ministry of National Security, national security agencies across the country acted in a unified manner. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Anti-espionage Law and the implementation rules, 22 sensitive monitoring points were banned in accordance with the law, and the organization was imposed administrative penalties in accordance with the law and ordered to complete rectification. For foreign-related projects, eliminate adverse effects and no longer engage in the above activities.

Beware of data leakage!

In addition to the aviation data and marine data security involved in the above cases, in recent years, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies have accelerated innovation, and have increasingly integrated into various fields and entire processes of economic and social development. User data leakage, Issues such as cross-border data flow have also received widespread attention. The data around you is not only related to personal privacy, but also related to national security.

Wen Weiping, a professor at the School of Software and Microelectronics of Peking University: In the process of data sharing and flow, we will inevitably have some data security issues. We now have a lot of apps. These apps have penetrated into our lives. They may be able to collect some of our personal privacy data. For example, we often purchase things on the Internet, browse some data on the Internet, and people from abroad. It can also be obtained, and then around a key person, or an important person, you can make a portrait of a character, and finally, he can clearly describe his travel trajectory and living habits, and then complete a certain The monitoring of key populations has also obtained some sensitive data from our country.

Professor Wen told reporters that if enough basic data is obtained, one can even make a portrait of a certain industry.

Wen Weiping, a professor at the School of Software and Microelectronics of Peking University: If some foreign institutions have ulterior motives, they can collect a lot of data from our energy companies, including the oil fields and natural gas we just discovered, and who is responsible. It is also very dangerous to be able to grasp the current state of our country’s energy by what the current operating conditions are like.

Luo Yuan, former deputy director of the World Military Research Department of the Academy of Military Sciences: In recent years, some foreign hostile forces and some spy agencies have been coveting some basic data of some of our industries and enterprises. They have used some non-governmental organizations and self-media, aviation, and navigation. , Radio enthusiasts, continue to capture and collect some of our basic data. These foreign spy agencies conduct a comprehensive analysis of this information, some fragmented information, and fragmented information, and then organize them to arrive at major judgments about our economic operation and national defense security, which will greatly affect our national security.

In April this year, the Ministry of National Security issued the “Anti-espionage Security Precautions Regulations”, which specifically clarified the relevant responsibilities of key information infrastructure operators, and required the adoption of anti-espionage technology security precautions to protect the core network and information technology and critical infrastructure. And the security of information systems and data in important areas.

On September 1 this year, the “Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” was formally implemented, becoming my country’s first special legislation in the field of data security. This law has elevated data security to the level of national security, and clearly stipulates that national security agencies and other departments shall undertake data security supervision responsibilities within their respective responsibilities. At the same time, it also puts forward clear requirements for the safety management of important data exit, which is of great significance for standardizing data processing activities and maintaining national security.

Luo Yuan, former deputy director of the World Military Research Department of the Academy of Military Sciences: The hostile forces’ coveting of our security is long-term. With the use and dissemination of big data, it has also brought convenience for them to collect our relevant information. Therefore, we must be cautious about data security. With the increasingly acute situation of international struggles, we must establish an overall national security concept, that is, while paying attention to traditional security, we must also pay attention to non-traditional security. In the field of non-traditional security, data security is a new field. In the new battlefield, we must win this war.

National security is everyone’s responsibility. It requires everyone’s participation, as well as everyone’s responsibility and responsibility. The national security agency reminds that if you find a suspicious situation endangering national security, please call 12339 the national security agency’s reporting and acceptance number in time to report clues to the problem and jointly maintain national security.

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