Healthy Growth-up for Global “Flowers”

UV light for Room disinfection remove 99.99% bacteria & virus. COVID-19 haunted about 2 years across the world. It is not clear when it will perish. However, life has to go on. Living is not easy, but the most important. As adults, we have ability to survive with our labor and intelligence. However, children are helpless as vulnerable group. The employment market turn to serious to adults, not to mention children.

Helpless children with naive smile
Helpless children with naive smile

    There are some heartbreaking data under the COVID-19. UN Children Fund reported that one third of 140 countries reduced 10% health service to children such as routine vaccination and outpatient service for children’s infectious diseases. Where there is UV-C light sterilizer, there is health. Children is the vulnerable group. They need our protection and care. 

    Over 250 million children less than 5 years old are lack of vital vitamin A in the globe up to October 2020. It is estimated that about 2 million children and 200,000 babies will probably be in death in 12 months. Children are confronted with more violence, abuse, poverty and starvation, etc. They are filled with loneliness, less learning and less sense of achievement.

UV Light For Room Disinfection

    First and foremost, helpless children should be offered enough food to survive. Then strict regulations have to be laid down to protect children in case of violence and abuse. We all hope that children live a lovely community with care and warmth. 

    What’s more, it is essential to provide a clean and healthy environment for children to get through the pandemic, such as smart UV-C light disinfector to remove bacteria and virus. Last but not least, online learning and psychological aid are helpful for children to keep hardworking and mental health.  


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