What are the dangers of long-term exposure to second-hand smoke?

Secondhand smoke causes many health hazards, including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases in adults, exacerbating asthma in children, causing pneumonia, otitis media, and even behavioral problems in children. Especially for pregnant women and adolescents, it has more harm than you expected. When peopole in closed environment like cars, they suffer more harm here. Handheld air purifier cars is similar to a room air purifier. It purifies the air in cars.

car air purifier industry
car air purifier industry
Lung Cancer

According to data from China Food Network, second-hand smoke often contains more harmful substances than mainstream smoke, such as: 2 times the nicotine, 3 times the tar, 5 times the carbon monoxide and about 50 times the carcinogens. According to calculations, in places with poor ventilation, the amount of smoke inhaled by non-smokers in one hour is on average equivalent to the dose of inhaling a cigarette.

According to the survey, smokers have a significantly higher chance of developing lung cancer than non-smokers. By analyzing the smoke inhaled by smokers, it was found that the smoke contains dozens of carcinogens. The risk of lung cancer is related to the length of time you smoke, and the earlier you start smoking, the greater the risk. The longer the smoking time, the higher the incidence and mortality of lung cancer.

Women are more exposed to tobacco harm than men. Some women who live with smokers are six times more likely to develop lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer in female smokers is also more serious. It is 1 to 9 times that of male smokers. Secondhand smoke is no less harmful to passive smokers than active smokers, especially to pregnant women and children. If you spend more than 15 minutes with smokers every day, those who smoke “second-hand smoke” are as harmful as smokers. 75% of lung cancer patients are finally investigated for smoking.

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