hand sensor control drone

hand sensor control drone is a Remote Control smart Watch Interactive Induction Quadcopter Drone ToyHand sensor control drone with a smart Watch control and LED night light.It is the best gift for parent-child interaction. the hand sensor control drone with Rolling, infrared obstacle avoidance function, throwing fly sensing function, gravity sensing 2.4G remote control.

Gesture Remote Control Four Axis Smart Drone easy to use, wear the watch and control it by gesture recognition. Ascending and descending, hold down the finger button, the fist rises when it is lifted and falls when the fist is depressed.

Turn left and turns right, hold down the finger button, turn left when the fist tilts left, turn right when the fist tilts right.

Fly left and right, releases the finger button, fly left when the fist tilts left, right when the fist tilts right.

Move forward and backward, release the finger button, advance when the fist is depressed, and retreat when the fist is lifted up.

Hand sensor control drone with Long battery life and USB interface, convenient charging, and 360-degree infrared obstacle avoidance function, stable and easy to control.

Gesture Remote Control Four Axis Smart Drone is an intelligent induction hand control drone. it is an Intelligent four-axis aircraft, using gravity induction control system,360 degrees infrared obstacle avoidance, stable flight

Hand-Sensing or Gesture Remote, various playing ways, Gesture Remote Control Four Axis Smart Drone Built-in barometer, set high accurately, intelligent suspension With LED lighting effect, looks cool during the night Simple operation, easy to learn.

Watch Sensor Remote Controller UFO Flashing LED Micro Quadcopter for 14+ Boys & Girls, it’s the best ideal for gift

Gesture Remote Control Four Axis Smart Drone EASY FLY for Training MINI DRONES for KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS: Great starter drone for kids or training drone for beginners; A sturdy UFO drone frame, easy maneuverability, and high/low speeds make this top micro RC drone a snap.

Gesture Remote Control Four Axis Smart Drone with 5000C LEDS light and PROVIDE MAXIMUM VISIBILITY: Light up the night sky w/ LED strobe lights; A sturdy frame and easy maneuverability let you go full throttle in any drone battle or race.

This hand sensor control drone TWO-SPEED MODE FLYING FUNCTION: High, low-speed self-tuning, fit for beginners, intermediate skill and experts, indoor select a low gear, outdoor gear for high speed, according to the environmental choice.

3D FLIP AND ROLL: Stun your friends by performing 360° flips in all directions, just click the function button on the 2.4Ghz controller and watch your drone’s death-defying stunts. NEW RC CONTROL: Unlike other mini-drones toy controlled by a handle, our new version updates the old game handle with new technology, just wear the smartwatch, you can control it based on gestures.

cooperating with well-known hand sensor control drone manufacturers in design and development, after numerous tests and failures, it has finally achieved qualified development and sale. Make every effort to give you stable and easy-to-control gesture Remote Control Four Axis Smart Drone.