Portable usb rechargeable sprayer is suitable for watering. Watering is the key to growing flowers, what to water, when to water, and how much to water. These issues may seem simple, but if they are not mastered properly, they will also affect the growth of flowers, and even cause flower death in serious cases. Watering flowers is the same as giving people a meal. It is necessary to find out the habits of flowers and water them regularly.

Gun sprayer handheld
Gun sprayer handheld

What kind of water can water flowers

Tap water, groundwater, rainwater, river water, lake water can be put into gun fogger portable sprayer to water flowers. Most people water their flowers with tap water. However, the tap water just taken out contains chlorine gas, low oxygen content and microbial content. While the water temperature is low. Therefore, pay attention to watering flowers with tap water. You first let the water dry for a day or two. Then you wait for the chlorine gas in the water to volatilize, oxygen dissolves in. The water temperature is close to the air temperature. The microorganisms in the water increase before watering the flowers.

What kind of water can’t water flowers

Soapy water, washing powder water and dishwashing water contain a large amount of alkaline substances. They will cause damage to flowers and should not be watered. Tea is weakly acidic. Still plants like alkaline should not be used. The concentration of rice-washing water for watering flowers must be very light. It is best to water the flowers after the rice-washing water has been fermented and decomposed and put into portable usb rechargeable sprayer.

special watering

Vinegar water, a few drops of vinegar in the water, can improve the pH of the soil. Sugar water and beer water can be used to water flowers, which can supplement fertilizer, and can be used when Clivia clips arrows. But pay attention, use water to water the flowers, the concentration must be very light.