What kind of glasses case of the famous brand use?

The glasses case was used as some accessories for glasses in the past, and it is generally not sold separately with glasses. However, with the time move forward, the design and use of the glasses case have undergone tremendous changes, and people are no longer satisfied with the normal and even ugly ones,instead of to purchase some funky and fashionable glasses cases will be purchased.

fashionable glasses cases

So what’s happening? In fact, today’s glasses cases are becoming more and more like brand -bags and brand-shoes. As a fashion label, A luxury glasses case improve people’s temperament and show people’s grade.

luxury glasses case

Especially in hot summer, many women like to wear sunglasses to shopping and walking around, because the sunglasses can be used as a synonym for fashion, which can enhance the grade of themselves. However, if you need to take off your glasses in some rooms, you will definitely take out the sunglasses case, because if the glasses does’t put into the glasses case, they will wear out or even be damaged.

broken glasses

At the same time,the glasses has limited place to print the LOGO, and the style is all the same or similar,so a pretty glasses case is the best billboard for all kinds of glasses to express the brand. people say: if you want to know what’s glasses brand I wear, just see my glasses case, is it very clever?

So let’s see what kind of glasses case are used in GUCCI, prada, ray bans?

Yes, with the development of the times, the glasses case has become not like a glasses case,instead of like a handbag, or a wallet or someelse bag, it’s more cross-border, mainly in soft glasses case, or foldable glasses cases, the traditional metal hard glasses case has become less and less, because they are not convenient to carry  and heavy, and it is not easy to express personal character. Therefore, to use the high-end glasses case,will not only make users can enhance their character, and these big glasses brands can also increase the value of their brands and product added value through their glasses case.

minmo glasses case

If you are a eyewear brand owner,don’t you want to copy the way of these big brands?

I recommend a good company to you-MINMO, many famous glasses brand,like GUCCI,LV,Calvin Klein and etc ordered glasses case from them for many years.

the follows are some products I found from they website,I think maybe that’s maybe the GUCCI glasses case or ray-bans sunglasses case.

Sourcing from:https://www.eyewearpacking.com/new/gucci-glasses-case-brand-secret.html