Why the price of the glasses case is lower than wallets

Why the price of the glasses case is lower than wallets

Everyone is familiar with wallet and it has a long history. Generally speaking, there will be a lot of money in beautiful style wallets. Compared to wallets, the manufacturing process of glasses cases is more complicated, but it’s market price is always lower than the wallet, why is this? Some people say that money-packed things are more expensive than those in glasses cases. Some people say that the materials used in wallets are more expensive than those in glasses cases.Then what is the truth, the author will reveal the secret for you.

I. Historical reasons:

The history of wallets is very long. With the advent of currency, wallets have naturally followed. The history has been around for more than 6000 years. The history of the glasses case is relatively short, not more than 400 years since the invention of the glasses. The ancients have always been low-key and would not expose money or gold and silver jewelry to the outside, so how can they show their own distinctiveness, then they must use some high-end wallets to show their identity. Therefore, the designer of the wallet will naturally design for some aristocracy in the society, and the price is also expensive. However, with the development of the times, wallets are becoming less and less necessary for people’s lives, and mobile payment has become more and more popular. Even so, it has not shaken the historical status of the wallet, it is still a necessity for people to show the quality of life. When we talk about spectacle cases, although its history is not long, it has developed rapidly. More and more people use high-end spectacle cases to show their own style and taste. According to customs data in recent years, the world The output of spectacle cases has been increasing year by year.

2. Manufacturing Process Reasons

The production of traditional wallets is more complicated, especially there are many hand-made components. Among them, many parts are involved in manual sewing. Due to the small size of the wallet, sewing and cutting in a limited space is very difficult, and the production efficiency is relatively low. However, with the development of industrialization, more and more wallet production processes have been replaced by automation, and the manufacturing cost has been reduced year by year. Especially with the change of modern aesthetics, people are more and more fond of following simple designs. Some manufacturing links also gradually simplify. But compared to wallets, the manufacturing process of glasses cases is simpler. The manufacturing process of general rigid foreskin glasses case is divided into these parts: steel stamping, leather cutting, leather attachment, blister attachment, assembly and LOGO production. At present, some domestic spectacle case manufacturing enterprises have developed intelligent and purely mechanized spectacle case assembly lines with more controllable quality and relatively low manufacturing costs. In terms of materials, with the prevalence of environmentalism, more and more leather materials are replaced by PU or PVC, so the manufacturing cost of both wallets and glasses cases is getting lower and lower. So far, the price of high-quanlity cases is almost the same as that of ordinary wallets. According to the author’s knowing, Mingmou Glasses Company has matured and put some automated glasses case lines into production. Those who are interested can search on Google.

3. The reason for the style

There is no doubt that there are many styles of wallets. So far, humans have designed more than 100,000 wallet styles, but there are no more than 2,000 styles of glasses cases in the world. The style of the wallet is mainly soft materials, and the leather materials are also diverse. The style of the glasses case has a large span, which can be divided into hard glasses cases, soft leather cases, glasses bags, folding cases, and sports case and so on. Therefore, although the number of wallet styles is better than the number of cases, the scope of styles of the bulk glasses case far exceeds that of ordinary wallets. Does their price have anything to do with style? Of course there are, because the more styles, the higher the mass production cost of each model, so the mass production cost of the wallet is relatively high, and the wallet is a product that can be sold separately, with more styles and higher prices for one thing, consumers are still understandable.

4. Brand reasons

From a brand perspective, there are a lot of brands, from unknown small brands to big brands like LV and GUCCI. They value the wallet as the key product for their brand. The most expensive of these wallets can be sold for $ 10,000. Above, a slightly cheaper niche brand wallet can also sell for more than $ 5. The glasses case is completely different. There are very few brands of cases. On the contrary, there are many glasses brands. Many of the brands of cases are consistent with glasses, so there are almost no independent case brands. However, a brand called MINMO has recently appeared in Europe, which is very popular in the market. The price of their case is similar to that of ordinary niche brand wallets, generally around 5 dollars, but the design and style are consistent with the feelings of big-name wallets above 10,000 dollars. Later, the author searched Google for MINMO glasses case Companies, their family does have a lot of amazing cases, which the author has never seen before. It turned out that there are such excellent companies in the field of glasses cases.

5. Concept of reason

Most glasses case products are a bonus for buying glasses. In fact, it plays a role similar to zippers and is not usually sold separately. The role of wallets is mainly luggage products, which is a completely independent product line. Because few people spend money on glasses cases, once the glasses case is sold as a separate product, the price is difficult to estimate, and few people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a glasses case. Wallets are different. Wallets are generally not sold with money. Therefore, wallets must be sold separately, and people are willing to spend more money to buy wallets. After all, this is something used to make money, and it also represents their own style.

In summary, not all wallets are more expensive than glasses cases, but most wallets are indeed more expensive than cases. The main reasons are various. The most important reason is the style and manufacturing costs. The glasses case is much more complicated, but with the continuous evolution of the glasses case, more and more complex and exquisitely designed products have gradually appeared, gradually surpassing ordinary wallet products, and entered the stage of selling products independently. It is believed that in the near future, the case will be accepted by more and more consumers, and they are willing to spend a large price to buy a beautiful glasses case.

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