g121sn01 v0


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Features of G121SN01 V0:

g121sn01 v0
g121sn01 v0
Panel BrandAUO
Panel ModelG121SN01 V0
PanelSize12.1 inch
Resolution800(RGB)×600 (SVGA)
Pixeldensit82 PPI
Aspect ratio4:03
Physical shapeflat-screen graphic display
Panel Weight660g (Typ.)
Surface treatmentFoggy screen
Display area246×184.5 mm (Horizontal*vertical)
Viewing Angle249.05×188.3 mm (Horizontal*vertical)
Physical dimension279×209 mm (Horizontal*vertical)
Mounting kitsFace mounting holes (6-Φ3.4, 1-R1.7) on left and right bezel

Optical properties of G121SN01 V0:

Display type mold:TNNormally white display, transmissive 
Panel brightness:400 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast:500 : 1 (Typ.)
Display color:262K (6-bit)
Response time:10/25 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) (ms)
Viewing angle:70/70/60/50 (Typ.)(CR≥10)

The storage of AUO G121SN01 V0
For several years storage, we recommend the following methods:
Put the AUO G121SN01 V0 into polyethylene bags(anti-static coated bag is best) and have the bag well sealed.
Store it between -10°C~ 35°C temperature.
Put it in dark place avoiding exposing under strong light.
Never put items on G121SN01 V0 LDC display surface.
Be sure that never store G121SN01 V0 under extreme or moist environment.

Operating attentions:
If there is liquid leakage of AUO G121SN01 V0, pay attention, not to touch it. If the material liquid get your cloth or body contamination.
Keep in mind that the G121SN01 V0 LCD panel surface should not be scratched or touched. When necessary, you can use the soft cotton dampened with petroleum benzene
G121SN01 V0 LCD panel have strict requirement of storage temperature and humidity. Do not put it in moisture place or strong light environment.
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