Fuji 7MBI75SA-120B

Fuji 7MBI75SA-120B

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7MBI75SA-120B Description

7MBI75SA-120B power transistor module


7MBI75SA-120B  5.34 lbs


7MBI75SA-120B could be used in Inverter for Motor Drive AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier Uninterruptible Power Supply


· Including Brake Chopper
· Square RBSOA
· Low Saturation Voltage
· Overcurrent Limiting Function( ~ 3 Times Rated Current )

Collector-Emitter Voltage VCES 600 V
Gate -Emitter Voltage VGES ± 20 V
IC Continuous 75 A
Collector Current IC PULSE 1ms 150 A
Collector Power Dissipation PC 1 device 200 W

Operating Junction Temperature Tj +150°C
Storage Temperature TStg -40 ~ +125°C
Isolation Voltage VISO A.C. 1min. 2500 V
Mounting Screw Torque *1 3.5 N·m

7MBI75SA-120B power transistor module