Forehead Thermometer How To Use

Body temperature is the forehead temperature of the human body. People often judge whether the body has a fever by measuring the temperature of the human body. In fact, there are many methods to measure human body temperature. Forehead body temperature is an uncommon method of measuring body temperature, but there are still many people who measure forehead body temperature to determine their own body temperature. So how many degrees is normal forehead thermometer?
Forehead thermometer is normal
The normal body temperature of a person is 36.5 degrees to 37.5 degrees. The body temperature on the forehead differs from about 0.5 to 1 degree. Body temperature is not constant and can fluctuate normally with changes in age, day and night, gender and mood.
The newborn’s body temperature regulation function is imperfect, and the body temperature is easily affected by the ambient temperature; children’s body temperature may be slightly higher than adults due to the increased metabolic rate; elderly people’s body temperature is at a low value in the normal range due to low metabolic rate; normal people at 2-6 am The body temperature is the lowest, and the body temperature is the highest from 2 to 8 pm, but the fluctuation range does not exceed the upper and lower averages of 0.5; women are slightly higher than men; the effects of sports, bathing, food, mental stress and other factors can all increase temporarily. Quietness, sleep, hunger, and sedation can reduce body temperature.
The normal body temperature of the human body is between 36 to 37 ° C (armpit). Outside this range is fever, low fever below 38 ° C, and high fever above 39 ° C. When taking a temperature measurement, the mercury column of the thermometer should be shaken below 35 ° C, and then wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol for disinfection. At present, most people take their body temperature under the armpit to test the temperature, and young or unconscious children can use anal temperature measurement.
Commonly used methods for measuring body temperature

  1. Intraoral measurement method. Put the mercury end of the mouth surface under your tongue, close your lips tightly, don’t bite your teeth, and don’t talk, so as to avoid the thermometer being broken or falling off, take it out after 3 minutes. Before taking the measurement, avoid eating hot or cold food or beverages. If it has been consumed, wait for 20 minutes before measuring.
  2. Underarm measurement. Untie the clothes, first wipe the sweat under the armpit with a dry towel, and put the mercury end of the axillary surface on the armpit. The mercury end should not protrude out of the armpit, and the thermometer and the skin should not be separated by clothing. Then clamp Remove the armpits after 5 minutes. If you have just taken a shower, wait for about 20 minutes before taking the temperature to avoid affecting the temperature measurement result.
  3. Rectal measurement method, let the patient lie on his back, expose the buttocks, lubricate the anal surface with 20% soap water, gently insert the 2–3 cm inside the anus, hold the outer end of the thermometer with your hand to prevent it from falling off or breaking Remove after 3 minutes. People with diarrhea and severe anorectal disease cannot be measured with this method. Just wait 30 minutes before taking a bath.

This article details how much forehead body temperature is considered normal, and also introduces several commonly used methods for measuring body temperature. As a person who often needs to take body temperature, you better know these methods of measuring body temperature, and at the same time, you must know that there is a large difference in normal body temperature in different parts of thermometer.

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