Focusing on power semiconductor Huaruiwei received nearly 200 million yuan in Series A financing

According to news from the investment community on December 1, Huaruiwei, a power semiconductor company, has recently completed a round of financing of nearly 200 million yuan. This round of financing was jointly invested by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Anzhen Fund and Yida Capital, and Potential Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor.

It is understood that Huaruiwei, founded in May 2018, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and design of power device products. Thanks to the deep accumulation of the team in the industry, it has developed rapidly in the past two years and contributed more than 15% to the market in 2019. 10,000 wafers, and will exceed 200,000 wafers in 2020.

Huaruiwei has successfully developed and mass-produced a variety of power semiconductor products such as super-junction MOS and SGT MOS. The products have comprehensive advantages in terms of size, on-resistance, and quality factor. Especially in the field of super-junction MOS, after more than ten years of development in the world, many large companies in the world have super-junction MOS series products, such as Infineon, STMicroelectronics and Toshiba. However, China is currently capable of designing and producing super-junction MOS products. There are still very few MOS manufacturers, and Huaruiwei is expected to play an important role in the domestic replacement of new and high-end power semiconductors such as superjunction MOS.

Huarui Micro takes the model of a power device design company to concentrate on product development and design. Currently, it is carrying out the research and development of the third-generation compound semiconductor (SiC) power devices. It is expected that the future products will fully cover consumer, automotive and industrial grade Industry customer needs, win-win cooperation, and jointly build China’s integrated circuit ecosystem.

Xiong Jiuyang, managing director of Potential Energy Capital, said: “In the past, power semiconductor companies were in a state of ‘small profits but quick turnover’ for a long time, and it was difficult for them to compete with foreign brands in high-end markets such as automobiles and electric power. At present, in addition to policy support, deeper growth stems from local new The rise of the market and new scenarios, the improvement of the local supply chain and the application of new materials, the market will undergo great changes in the next few years. We are optimistic about the new opportunities under the new demand, and we are also optimistic about the companies represented by Huaruiwei. There are new forces with deep industry accumulation.”

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