Flexible Pouch Packaging Material Reveals Secret

Many times we only know that there is flexible pouch packaging, but we don’t know what material is made by which device, and we don’t know that different bags have different characteristics. Take aluminum foil bags, everyone knows that this is an aluminum foil bag, but most people don’t know what the aluminum foil bag is, and they don’t know the type of aluminum foil bag. Below, let’s take a look at the production materials of the flexible pouch packaging.

1.HDPE / High Density Polyethylene / Low Pressure Polyethylene / Low Pressure Film

This is the most common material. The shopping bags that can often be seen in supermarkets are made of HDPE bags. This material can be bagged separately. It is a kind of cheaper and cheaper on the market. Material – PO bag. This kind of bag is brittle and hard, has a low expansion ratio, and is brittle when it is smashed.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Hdpe Material

2.LDPE / Low Density Polyethylene / High Pressure Polyethylene / High Pressure Film

The bag of this material has good texture, softness, good toughness, good transparency, and a smooth hand feeling. The thicker and harder the bag, the greater the expansion ratio. This material can also be bagged separately, and it is a relatively cheap material like the PO bag.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Ldpe Material

3.OPP / Oriented Polypropylene

This material is the most brittle and transparent material in flexible pouch packaging. It has insufficient tension. It can be said that there is no tension at all, it is easy to explode, and printing is easy to decolorize. It needs to be placed for a period of time after printing, and then cut. bag.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Opp Material

4.CPP / Cast Polypropylene / Final Stretch Polypropylene

The material has high transparency, is softer than PE film, and is relatively clear. It is often used as a base film of a composite material, and is often combined with other films to form a bag, which is a good composite film. CPP also has a cooking grade material that can be used to make retort pouches.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Cpp Material

5.PET / Polyethylene Terephthalate

The transparency of this material is also very good, the strength and toughness are better than polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride, it is not easy to break, and the surface is smooth and shiny. It is also one of the often used composite materials.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Pet Material

6.PA / Nylon

This material is often used as a composite material for retort pouches/bottled bags, with good toughness and softness.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Pa Material

7.AL / Aluminum Foil

The aluminum foil is an extremely thin sheet formed by repeatedly rolling high-purity aluminum, and is an excellent heat conductor and a light-shielding body. Good mechanical strength, light weight, no thermal adhesion, metallic luster, good light-shielding property, strong reflection ability to light, not easy to be corroded, good barrier property, moisture-proof and waterproof, airtight, and have aroma retention . There is metallic luster, gas barrier property, and low adhesion viscosity. After the composite processing, the aluminum plating layer transfer phenomenon is likely to occur.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Al Material

Many of the above materials are transparent materials. Flexible pouch packaging generally does not see anything different from the naked eye. Only by understanding the performance can you know which materials are suitable for which.

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