“Financial Security Industry Cloud Ecology” Debuts at the 8th 4.29 Capital Cybersecurity Day

On April 28th, the 8th “4.29 Capital Cyber ​​Security Day” series of activities Beijing International Internet Technology Expo officially kicked off at the Beijing National Convention Center. The theme is to further deepen the public’s awareness of cybersecurity, strengthen corporate social responsibility, maintain order in cyberspace, accelerate the construction of cybersecurity in the capital, and facilitate the successful launch of the Science and Technology Winter Olympics.

“Without cybersecurity, there is no national security” and “building a strong cybersecurity defense line”. The financial industry is one of the key industries in cybersecurity and an important scenario for the application of cybersecurity technology. It has an urgent need for security development and a broad market blue ocean.

Beijing Financial Security Industrial Park was invited to participate in the exhibition for the fifth time. With the theme of “Fintech Security Industry Cluster”, it joined hands with more than 20 enterprises in the park engaged in financial security-related fields to form a group appearance, which became a highlight of the exhibition. The booth of Beijing Financial Security Industrial Park focused on the financial security industry cloud ecosystem composed of big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other industrial sectors.

The concept of “financial security industry cloud ecosystem” proposed by Beijing Financial Security Industrial Park in this exhibition has been recognized and welcomed by enterprises. The industrial park builds an integrated service platform for financial security companies from regulatory services, application scenarios, technology complementarity, and integrated output.

At the exhibition site, the industrial park attracted wave after wave of professionals in the fields of financial security and network security with its unique positioning and innovative operation mode of enterprise service enterprises. The rich and diverse exhibits and publicity materials on the booth attracted a large number of The audience stopped to watch.

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