Fast Recovery Diode Housed in a Press-Pack Package That Helps to Reduce the Size and Power Consumption of Power Converters

Product News 2022-06

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched a fast recovery diode “3000GXHH32” housed in a press-pack package in which a newly developed high-speed diode chips are mounted. The product is for power converters used in DC power transmission systems, industrial motor drive systems and the like. Its absolute maximum ratings are 4500 V (repetitive peak reverse voltage) and 3000 A (forward current, DC.)

The new product 3000GXHH32 features low conduction loss and a wide reverse recovery safe operating area (RRSOA). It has a cathode structure that can suppress voltage oscillation during reverse recovery and a high-voltage structure that allows high-temperature operation. This has extended the forward current (DC) from 1500 A to 3000 A, the peak power in the RRSOA by about 45 %, and the junction temperature rating from 125 °C to 150 °C (max) compared with the existing product[1] with the same package size. In addition, in the case of configuring a system with switching devices, this product allows faster turn on by suppressing the voltage oscillation during reverse recovery. Therefore, 3000GXHH32 allows users to configure a system with lower power consumption by combining with Toshiba’s IEGT[2] ST3000GXH31A.

3000GXHH32 helps to reduce the size and power consumption of power converters such as those for DC power transmission systems, static VAR compensators, and industrial motor drive systems.

  • DC power transmission
  • Static VAR compensator
  • Industrial motor drive
  • Forward current (DC) 3000 A
  • Wide reverse recovery safe operating area
  • Suppresses voltage oscillation during reverse recovery

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