Expansion of the lineup of automotive bipolar transistors helping downsizing equipment

Product News 2021-09

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has expanded its lineup of automotive bipolar transistors by commercializing the TTC502, an automotive bipolar transistor in a compact SOT-23F[1]package which has high allowable collector power dissipation for use in LED driver circuits such as automotive backlights and MOSFET gate driver circuits. Including the precedence released products TTA500, TTA501, TTA502, TTC500, and TTC501, the lineup includes collector-emitter voltage ratings from -50 V to 120 V and collector current ratings from -2.5 A to 2.5 A.

The new product TTC502 use the SOT-23F[1] package and features with allowable collector power dissipation 1 W. This helps reduce the size of equipment.
The SOT-23F[1] package uses a flat-lead structure while remaining land-pattern compatible with the SOT-23 package. In terms of mounting reliability, it has been checked against the temperature cycle requirement levels for automotive applications and satisfies the mounting quality requirements for automotive applications. The new products are also AEC-Q101 qualified.

  • Automotive equipment (LED backlight, accessory light, etc.)
  • Consumer equipment, industrial equipment (LED Display device, etc.)
  • High collector-emitter voltage rating : VCEO=120 V
  • Small SOT-23F[1] package : Featuring a collector power dissipation rating of 1 W (at DC)
  • AEC-Q101 qualified

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