Expanding Toshiba’s lineup with a 1.5 A ON-state current rating voltage-driven photorelay that helps to downsize semi-conductor testers : TLP3403SRHA

Product News 2021-04

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched a 1.5 A ON-state current rating voltage-driven photorelay, TLP3403SRHA, that uses the S-VSON4T package which has the smallest mounting area in the industry[1] to expand its lineup.

By releasing new 1.5 A ON-state current rating product that follows previously released products[2], Toshiba has expanded its lineup with OFF-state terminal voltages ranging from 20 V to 60 V and ON-state currents ranging from 0.4 A to 1.5 A. The new product’s maximum operating temperature rating is 125 °C, allowing the product to be used under high temperature conditions. Furthermore, it is easier to design equipment with large thermal margin. And by incorporating a built-in resistor at the input side, it was made a voltage-driven product that does not require an external resistor. This helps reduce the required space on a circuit board, allowing the number of mounted photorelays to be increased.

The product is suitable for applications such as semiconductor testers and probe cards that require many relays to be mounted on circuit boards, the size of which is limited.

Notes :
[1] Mounting area 2.9 mm2 (typ.), Toshiba survey as of March 2021.
[2] Precedence release products : TLP3407SRA, TLP3412SRHA, TLP3475SRHA

  • Large ON-state current rating : ION=1.5 A (ON-state current greatest with S-VSON4T package)
  • S-VSON4T package which is the industry-smallest mounting area[1] in 1-Form-A contact
  • High operating temperature rating : Topr max=125 °C
  • Semiconductor testers (probe cards and test heads for memory, SoC and LSI, etc.)
  • Burn-in equipment
  • Measuring instruments (oscilloscopes, data loggers, etc.)

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