On August 18, the “2022 White Paper on China’s Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Market” (hereinafter referred to as “White Paper”) was released, and Chint ranked first in the list and was rated as a six-star enterprise again. Among the companies, it is the only domestic-funded enterprise, and at the same time, it ranks first in terms of brand satisfaction and brand awareness of domestic-funded enterprises in China’s low-voltage electrical appliance market.

Based on more than ten years of research experience in the low-voltage electrical appliance market, under the guidance of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, a senior consulting company in the industrial field, Gewuzhisheng, has researched and produced a “white paper” to systematically sort out the low-voltage electrical appliance market, as well as the current situation and development trends of the low-voltage electrical appliance market at home and abroad. Professional analysis was performed again.

Hao Jun, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, delivered a speech. Representatives from well-known domestic and foreign low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers, disk factories, relevant channel providers, fund investors and industry professionals attended the conference. Chint was invited to participate, and Li Ming, general manager of the market strategy department of Chint Electric and deputy director of the National Electrical Safety Standardization Technical Committee, delivered a keynote speech at the meeting.

Thirty-eight years of hard work, at present, Chint is full of wind and thriving, and the “light of domestic products, Chint pilot” has been certified by a third-party authoritative.

Anchoring the digital and intelligent dual carbon, Chint’s core competitiveness such as independent and controllable is prominent, and it is striding forward on the road of growth. The market share of medium and low voltage electrical appliances in the “White Paper” is more than 10 billion, which is the first echelon, and Chint is one of the only two companies in this field and the only national brand. The “White Paper” assigns stars to companies based on their performance in six major market segments: industrial projects, industrial OEMs, construction, power grids, infrastructure, and individual users. Enterprises entering the top 5 market segments can receive a star rating. star. Chint is not only a “six-star” enterprise, but also ranks first in the four market segments of industrial OEM, construction, power generation & grid & power supply, and individual users.

At the same time, the “White Paper” invites users to rate the brand’s satisfaction with the use of the brand. With an overall high satisfaction score of 8.9, Chint has the highest reputation among domestic brands; with the ratio of the brand’s appearance frequency in the eight major industries and the sample size as an indicator, Chint takes 89% of the brand awareness, the first domestic brand.

Today, the intersection of digital intelligence and dual-carbon goals in space and time constantly creates new demands. Chint always implements “customer-centered, market-oriented”. As Li Ming said at the press conference, the company keeps pace with the times with its “flexible R&D” and “flexible manufacturing” capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. , and work hand in hand with customers on the digital and intelligent dual-carbon road.

In the new era, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry has ushered in new changes. The specific manifestations include that the industry customers are increasingly sensitive to the price of low-voltage electrical products, and the demand has changed from the most basic “low price, usable” to “low-carbon, intelligent, customized, and changing”. and other professional direction changes. Chint is fully close to customers and understands the pain points. With the support of flexible R&D and flexible manufacturing, Chint can accurately meet changes in demand, quickly update and iterate product solutions, and provide products that fully meet customer needs and are of reliable quality.

Flexible research and development, that is, Chint keeps up with the customized requirements of customers, and continuously cyclically validates all aspects of design and development. Design, simulation, proofing, testing, prototypes, and trial production are all completed independently, and solutions to meet customer needs can be iterated in a short period of time; Flexible manufacturing means that Chint has the strength to realize mass customized production, efficient delivery, and fully guarantee product quality and safety by virtue of the flexible manufacturing capabilities of “future factories” such as self-made key components, self-made molds, and self-developed digital workshops throughout the process. reliable.

Deepening the development of globalization, Chint has honed the business card of “Made in China” with the all-round improvement of its industrial manufacturing strength. With the identity of a national brand and the light of domestic products, Chint bravely conquers the global market, and its business development continues to “bloom” around the world.

Facing the domestic market, on the basis of “flexible” R&D and “flexible” manufacturing, Chint continues to increase technological innovation and increase investment in R&D. At the same time, on the basis of building a relatively sound and in-depth channel network in the industry and realizing the nationwide coverage of the channel network, Chint will launch the “Blue Ocean Action” again in 2020, and its business development capability will reach a new level. Relying on various advantages, Chint changes the industry pattern and empowers innovation and reform in various industries such as new energy, construction, and industrial industries. Enterprises anchored the market demand of green and low-carbon industries, and customized the development of integrated solutions such as photovoltaic grid-connected systems, photovoltaic storage and charging microgrids, etc., leading customers in the industry to achieve continuous breakthroughs.

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