EMC Countermeasure Products: TDK Launches Noise Suppression Filter for Automotive PoC

TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) has launched the MDF1005 series of noise suppression filters for automotive PoC, which can be used in applications such as ADAS circuits, bus lines, telematics units, and will start mass production in December 2020.

The MDF1005 series have good DC superposition characteristics with impedance in the PoC high frequency range (between 700 MHz and 2.4 GHz). This series is also best suited for isolation and noise control of communication interfaces. Despite its small size, only 1.0mm long and 0.5mm wide, the series uses a rated current of 400mA and provides impedance of 1000 ohms or more in environments up to 125°C.

The MDF series uses ferrite materials with low loss in the high frequency range. Compared with general chip beads, it maintains higher impedance at higher frequencies, and also controls impedance fluctuations during power-on, satisfying PoC filter requirements, while demonstrating noise control effects.

In the future, TDK will continue to work hard to expand the impedance range to meet customers’ requirements for noise control of various in-vehicle Electronic equipment.

EMC Countermeasure Products: TDK Launches Noise Suppression Filter for Automotive PoC

the term

PoC: Coaxial power supply, a transmission technology that uses a coaxial cable to superimpose the signal line on the power line.

main application

ADAS circuits, bus lines, telematics units (eg C-V2X, e-call)

Main features and advantages

Helps with high frequency isolation and radiated noise (0.7 – 2.4 GHz) control

In the form of 1005, at 125°C, with a rated current of 400 mA, a resistance of 1000 ohms (at 900 MHz) or more can be achieved

DC superposition characteristic with good impedance

main feature

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