Embedded in Cortex-A, ST’s first Linux MPU continues the success and commitment of STM32

With the rapid development of smart devices, ST’s MCU business has expanded rapidly. In recent years, most of the popular shared bicycles, drones, and more IoT devices have adopted STM32 series MCUs. As the general market leader of Cortex-M32, since ST launched the first STM32F103 in 2007, after 12 years of development, STM32 has become an MCU super platform. Now, ST’s first microprocessor (MPU) supporting Linux system has also joined the STM32 camp. What happens when STM32 meets Linux?“The STM32MP1 will continue the STM32’s record of success and carry the STM32’s success and commitment to the microprocessor”Sylvain RAYNAUD, STM32 microprocessor product marketing manager of STMicroelectronics’ Microcontroller Division, described it this way.

Embedded in Cortex-A, ST’s first Linux MPU continues the success and commitment of STM32


Product Marketing Manager, STM32 Microprocessor, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics

The three-core architecture is flexible and the energy efficiency is significantly improved

STM32MP1 supports ARM Cortex-A and Cortex-M architectures, integrates two Arm Cortex-A7 application processor cores with a main frequency of 650MHz and an Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller core with a running frequency of 209MHz; embedded 3D GPU (graphics Display ) helps improve the user experience on devices such as industrial control panels. The three cores communicate with each other and are very secure. There is a built-in elliptic curve encryptor, and some IPs are implemented on the hardware. The encrypted IP includes IP TDES, hardware AES256, etc.; in terms of software security, there is a secure boot mode when the System starts. , if you choose the safe boot mode, you can hide a part of the Memory, and there is no way to access this part when you access it from the outside.

The three cores of STM32MP1 can be flexibly switched to full power mode, batch power optimization mode, and standby mode according to the application. The full-power mode with triple-core full-speed operation can complete the most energy-efficient applications; in low-power applications, the Cortex-A7 is in standby mode, and the Cortex-M4 is running at a quarter of the normal mode; and when entering standby mode, The power consumption is only 1/2500 of the previous mode. A very important key factor in returning from standby mode to full speed operation is wake-up time,“STM32MP1 has reached the industry-leading technical level, it only takes 1 second to return to the Linux interface, and only 3 seconds to return to the 3D graphical application interface.”

As an application processor, STM32MP1 is a more complex system than STM32, so ST also provides a special supporting power chip STPMIC1, providing DC/DC and LDO, in addition to powering STM32MP1, it can also supply display, memory And more peripheral power supply such as USB can not only optimize the power consumption of the customer’s system, but also save costs, and can reduce the PCB size and simplify the design.

Simplified application development and mature ecological environment

Relying on the mature ecological environment of STM32, STM32MP1 customers can obtain a fully integrated design kit provided by ST. The Cortex-A7 part of the ST provides the OpenST Linux development package, which can ensure the stability of the system software; the Cortex-M4 part can reuse the previous STM32Cube software package. There are many reference codes and drivers in Cube to support customers, including many APIs for peripheral access, and various middleware, such as USB, Type-C, and Ethernet.

“STM32MP1 software suite can simplify process development for customers”The Linux platform of STM32MP1 is fully compatible with the OpenLinux development kit!

At present, the STM32MP1 SoC driver has been adopted and recognized by the Linux community, and is fully compatible with open source software standards, including Linux Foundation and Yocto Project. In order to facilitate customers to choose the most suitable open source code, ST has established a Project in Yocto, and customers can use this development kit stably and easily. The STM32MP1 also supports the Linaro community, which has some reference software and training.

Because of the open source nature of Linux, in order to avoid the extra cost of customers to find security applications themselves, STM32MP1 pre-integrated security operating system OP-TEE, customers can use the free encryption OS, let the system encrypt the data in the trusted area, and open the data for public use. All use open source Linux.

24 customized products, 10-year supply guarantee service

As the latest product, the STM32MP1 is available in different packages tailored for a variety of applications. STM32MP1 has 157, 153, 151 three product lines and three security function options in a total of 6 models and 4 different packages. 151 is equipped with Cortex-A7+Cortex M4; 153 is based on CAN FD and dual-core Cortex A7; 157 is the highest performance in the current series, Dual Arm Cortex-A7+Cortex-M4, 3D GPU — DSI — CAN FD. The STM32MP1 system is very complex compared to the MCU. It is not as simple as the PCB layout of the MCU. There are 4 schematic diagrams of different packages and PCB layout references on the ST official website for customers to download and reference.

ST has a broad support system to support customers in product development, and has deployed super third-party platforms around the world, mainly supporting GUI, encryption and training. STM32MP1 is equipped with 3D GPU and can be used as HMI industrial control human-machine interface.“Our partners Qt and Crank are here to do GUI solutions”; In terms of security applications, for example, IoT, some ST partners such as Bootlin and ProtectRun can provide customers with security encryption applications. Because STM32MP1 is not the same as the previous STM32, ST has established a special wiki website to support STM32MP1 customers as a Linux development platform. In this platform, all ST Linux software development kits will be released to customers. Customers can Download all kinds of things you need from it, whether you are a beginner or a senior engineer, you can find these applications in it.

STM32MP1 is the first MPU market product.In the future, when expanding the product line, we will walk in two directions at the same time: more cost-effective and power consumption optimization.For the more cost-effective part, a lower-end and more cost-effective part will be launched to customers; going up, a higher-performance and more secure part will be launched to support the higher needs of customers.

ST will update the long-term supply guarantee at the beginning of each year. Each update is ten years. The new product STM32MP1 is also included. This is a long-term support for customers, including industrial control and communication customers. is a very useful guarantee!

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