Disinfectant Nano Sprayer

Best nano mist sprayer
  • Type No: K5
  • Size: 223+192*65mm
  • Weight: 650g
  • Working voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Current: 15W
  • Volume of bottle: 380ml
  • Length of spray: 1-1.5m
  • Capacity of battery: 2000mAh
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V/1A
  • Rotations per minute: 5000
  • Email: cc@athinno.com

Handheld Rechargeable Fogger Machine
Handheld Rechargeable Fogger Machine
Detachable Bottle

Electric sprayer nozzle disinfectant carries as heavy as 1.5L bottle of water. So we can hold it with only one hand.

The bottle is detachable for cleaning. It is able to carry different disinfectants and liquid.

There is a filter ball in the sucker bottom. Even though we pour into kinds of disinfectants, it won’t block.

Handheld Wireless Charging Cord Sprayer
Handheld Wireless Charging Cord Sprayer

Operation Button

There are high gear and low gear for the fogger. Only one click turns from high gear to low gear.

The mist from it is extremely thin. So it is not so wet as a raindrop.

When the mist drop on the surface of items, it does not wet items.

Disinfectant Sprayer Fogger Machine Cordless
Disinfectant Sprayer Fogger Cordless
Automatic Work

The electric sprayer nozzle disinfectant bottle carries enough liquid without frequent fillling-up.

One button is access to turning on and off as well as controlling the distance of spray.

One click starts the automatic work of atomizer instead of manual operation.

Cordless Handheld Sanitizing Sprayer
Cordless Handheld Sanitizing Sprayer
Type-C Charger

Type-C charger is general access to fogger. It is fast charging and safe, also suitable for different devices.

A fine filter ball is in sucker bottom to filter impurities in case of blockage.

Nano Atomizer Disinfectant Mist
Nano Atomizer Disinfectant Mist
Advantage of Atomizer

The fogger cleans every corner, so it reduces pathogens, dust and other bacteria.

Then it leaves clean environment for classrooms, office, flats, etc. It is more important to creat a clean classroom for numbers of students to study and play.

Rechargeable Nano Atomizer
Rechargeable Nano Atomizer
Multiple functions

As it mentioned that the atomizer carries different liquid, such as detergent, disinfectant, etc.

The fogger enjoys multiple functions, such as a aroma diffuser, water can, humidifier and so on.

Link: Disinfectant Sprayer Fogger Machine Cordless Indoor/Outdoor