Difference in New Cisco Certification Level

Cisco has announced certification updates of which few could have perceived that it would be modernizing the entire curriculum of the networking technology-training. From comprehension of the entire CCNA modules which would be under one name i.e. the core CCNA exam, number 200-301, for the retirement of the CCENT certification, the list is considered to be quite long. The recertification period for all Cisco certification would be extended for about 3 years. Before we discuss the changes, if you wish to gain the CCNP Certification in a single attempt, you should gain the Cisco 300-425 Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps.

Changes In The CCNP Certification:
CCNP certification is believed to be quite preferable for a candidate that would be having at least one year of professional experience which would be under his belt and is quite eager for progressing their current skill-set as well as managing and maintaining complex networking solutions.
Cisco would be taking great care in streamlining the Cisco 300-430 Dumps are in their major update this time.

The previous CCNP certification tracks would be including:
• CCDP Design
• CCNP Cloud
• CCNP Collaboration
• CCNP Data Center
• CCNP Routing and Switching
• CCNP Security
• CCNP Service Provider
• CCNP Wireless

This was the ongoing certification track and is going to be continued until 24th February’20. As per the current update, Cisco would be removing the Cloud certification track as well as it would be comprised of CCNP Routing & Switching as well as CCNP Wireless into a distinct technology track CCNP Enterprise Certification. Cisco would be introducing the DevNet certification track for networking software professionals, which would be the much-awaited certification program as it would be comprised of the essential necessary for networking automation as well as programmability.

The new certification tracks which would be included in the new certification released program update are as follows:
• CCNP Collaboration
• CCNP Data Center
• CCNP Enterprise (covers Wired and Wireless)
• CCNP Security
• CCNP Service Provider
• Cisco Certified DevNet Professional (new)

ccnp enterprise

Cisco would be keeping a keen interest in removing any redundant courseware such as CCNP Cloud, CCNP Design and would be focused on the implementation of programs that would be inflicting the better interest of the individuals and the technology tribe.

CCNP Pre-Requisites:
As per the present program detail, you would be required to have at least CCENT certification for qualifying for the CCNP technology track. However, this proceeding would be changed in the new update. Candidates could be directly proceeding to CCNP exam certification without any pre-requisites.

CCNP Exam Requirements:
Candidates would be contesting exams for any of the CCNP track would be required for completing or clearing 3 or 4 tracks which would be depending on the CCNP technology track they would be choosing to follow. However, after the recent changes in the exam patterns as well, Cisco would be changing the exam for the track which could be opted as follows:
• 1 technology core exam that would be covering the basic concepts as well as the foundational requirements.
• 1 concentration exam that would be diving deeper into the technology.

The technology track would be also serving as a qualifying exam for CCIE Lab exams. That means CCNP Enterprise certificate for a candidate could be served as a pre-requisite for CCIE Enterprise certification.

CCNP Recertification Policy:
As per the latest update, the CCNP recertification timeline has been changed to three years than the previous two years period.

In order to be recertified, after 24th February’20 the candidates would be required to:
• Complete successfully any of one technology core exams.
• Complete successfully any two professional concentration exams.
• Complete successfully one CCIE lab exam.

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