Dezhou enterprises developed disinfection robots and donated 3 units to help Huanggang, Hubei

Qilu Net Lightning News February 18 A difficult one, P Plus support.This morning, a Texas company disinfected 3 machinesRobotDonate to Huanggang, Hubei to do your part for the frontline epidemic prevention and control.

Dezhou enterprises developed disinfection robots and donated 3 units to help Huanggang, Hubei

This morning (February 18), three vehicles carrying “disinfection robots” drove out of Dezhou. They will be transported to Huanggang, Hubei, and used in hospitals, communities and other places for air disinfection.These “disinfection robots” are developed by Texas LiweimechanicalCo., Ltd. R & D and production, company leader Chen Liang and colleagues will personally drive to Huanggang.

Chen Liang, chairman of the company, said: “As a veteran, I should rush ahead. I hope that Huanggang can use the equipment as soon as possible and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.”

Chen Liang is a military veteran and currently runs a special rubber track equipment company. After the outbreak, Chen Liang wanted to do his part for the prevention and control of the epidemic. So he and his colleagues planned to develop a disinfection device that would save manpower and improve efficiency.

Since February 5, they designed the drawings in just 5 days, and produced the first prototype in 2 days. They worked day and night, shortening the product development cycle from two months to seven days. Although the research and development cycle is not long, this disinfection robot is full of “black technology”. “Remote control”, “Rubber track”, “Worm gear reduction”motor“It can not only protect the disinfecting staff, but also adapt to a variety of operating environments and ensure good control performance. And its most innovative feature is the “mist fog system”.

Chen Liang introduced: “The mist droplets it sprays are about 0.1 microns, and it can hover in the air for at least 30 seconds. In this way, all the harmful bacteria and viruses in the air can be killed, and then fall to the ground. Disinfect the ground.”

The work efficiency of this disinfection robot is more than three times that of manual work, and it can disinfect at least 20,000 square meters per hour, playing a greater role in epidemic prevention and control.

Chen Liang said: “After the equipment arrives, it will be connected with the local Red Cross in Huanggang, and then the three machines will be distributed to different communities. We will then go to the community to connect with people in the community and teach them how to use and how to use them. maintainance.”

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