D-subminiature connectors now part of a comprehensive range

Provertha now provides a full of D-subminiature connectors previously made by ERNI. The company has obtained all the ERNI D-sub connector production equipment and tooling. It is now applying the same raw materials and material suppliers so users can be reassured of the same high quality and exact specifications they have been used to.

The company now offers one of industry‘s most extensive ranges of D-sub connectors. As well as the press-fit, through-hole, through-hole reflow and surface mount technology parts formerly produced by ERNI, it provides a comprehensive range of standard Ds including solder, crimp, IDC, filtered, cable and PCB versions. An expanded range of mating cable connectors, locking systems and hoods are also offered.

Comments Chris Osborn, Provertha’s UK manager: “Provertha’s D-subminiature range is extensive and includes many different styles including one of the lowest profile parts on the market. The connectors are all manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards, and the ex-ERNI parts still retain the ERNI product numbers to help the customer.”