Custom Coffee Bags Process

How to light the product? In fact, it is to make the outer packaging eye-catching, whether you are a baked bean cooker, a coffee shop manager or a coffee bean trader, when your sales reach a certain amount, you will want to abandon the general packaging bag of the bad street, customized to match the brand. Targeted product packaging is a problem you must consider.

The professional flexible packaging manufacturer Jiecheng Packaging is now coming to the process of custom coffee bags.


Generally, the order quantity is 30,000. The order quantity is calculated based on the length of a roll of printed film. The size of the printed film on the market is usually 8000m/r-12000m/r, which is the size of a 1 lb. coffee bag. It is about 30,000 or so. The smaller the number of custom coffee bags, the greater the loss rate, which means that the order quantity determines the increase or decrease of the unit price, of course, it can also be 10,000 sets. After all, please contact the local tyrants.

2.The Bag Type


The bag is composed of a front, a back and a bottom. It is three-dimensional and can stand. It can be installed with a self-sealing zipper for repeated opening and a one-way venting valve. The opening is wide, and it is convenient to take coffee beans, and the price is relatively affordable.

Doypack, It is three-dimensional and can stand

Flat bottom bag

A more popular bag type in recent years, the appearance is generous, consisting of the front, back, two sides and a square bottom. Because the side can be unfolded, this bag has the advantages of small volume and large capacity, and the transportation and storage efficiency is greatly improved. A self-sealing zipper and a one-way venting valve can also be added. Because the bag making process is more complicated and cumbersome, the price is relatively high. If the brand has a higher market position and is equipped with fine beans, this bag type is the best choice.

Custom Coffee Bags Process What is it

Gusset bag

A very traditional bag, many old European and American brands still use this bag. The advantage is that it is suitable for a large number of coffee beans, and the packaging of more than 1kg is generally more secure. After packing, the bottom is folded to have the function of standing. It is also possible to install a one-way exhaust valve, and the price is relatively affordable compared to the octagonal sealing bag.

Custom Coffee Bags Process What is it

3.The Size of the Bag

  • The size of the bag consists of bag width, bag height, and bottom width (bottom width = side width).
  • The variety of coffee beans and the depth of the baking, usually the deep-roasted coffee beans will be larger than the shallow drying volume, so the same is a pound, the required size is not the same.
  • From the design considerations or personal preferences, it is necessary to distinguish whether you like to put a lot of space on the coffee beans after filling the coffee beans or say that you like not much more than just a good look.

4.After the bag type and size are determined, there are 4 important items to be determined.

One-way exhaust valve: At present, Jiecheng provides two kinds of air valves for customers to choose. One is to add a filter, the other is a common one-way exhaust valve without a filter. The former is more expensive than the latter. Need to choose.

Custom Coffee Bags One-way exhaust valve

Easy to tear: one side or both sides

Customized coffee bag easy to tear

Zipper: Ordinary self-sealing zipper and single-sided easy-to-peel zipper: For the octagonal sealing bag of the small bag mouth, the ordinary self-sealing zipper is inconvenient to install, but the cost is low; the one-side easy-to-break zipper is suitable for the bean and the ordinary self-sealing zipper. The difference is higher cost.

custom coffee bags of self-styled zipper

Material and thickness: The material of the bag is determined according to the specific product. The coffee beans are sensitive to internal and external factors such as oxygen, moisture, ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide after baking. Therefore, the custom coffee bags must have a high-performance isolation layer, which is usually required. Three or more layers are composited, which is completed by a film + pure aluminum foil / aluminized film + base film. At the same time, with the increasing popularity of environmental protection, the global promotion of packaging is recyclable and lightweight, and Jiecheng responds to the call to design a reasonable packaging solution for customers.

The common structure of custom coffee bags packaging consists of three layers

If all of the above elements are fixed, please tell your designer about the idea. After designing, please send us the design draft. After calculating the plate making fee required for printing, we can provide you with a precise quote for the custom coffee bags. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Fast Sincere.

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