CreeWolfspeed joins hands with Tektronix to meet the development opportunities and challenges of wide-bandgap semiconductor devices

On December 21, 2020, under the strategic direction of new infrastructure such as 5G, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail trains, and energy Internet, wide-bandgap semiconductors represented by SiC and GaN have become the focus of global semiconductor technology and industry competition. Cree Wolfspeed is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of wide-bandgap semiconductors, providing proven SiC power and GaN RF solutions; Tektronix, as a provider of test instruments and solutions, provides innovative solutions to traditional test challenges. The two sides share many common topics and researches in the development and testing of wide-bandgap semiconductors, and share opportunities and challenges together.

Wide-bandgap semiconductors have superior properties such as high frequency, high efficiency, high power, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and strong radiation resistance, which meet major national strategic needs such as energy conservation and emission reduction, intelligent manufacturing, and information security. The key core materials and Electronic components for independent innovation, development, transformation and upgrading of industries such as new energy vehicles, high-speed rail trains, and energy Internet have become the focus of global semiconductor technology and industry competition.

The difference between power devices of different technologies. The figure below shows that traditional Si-based IGBTs or MOSFETs are either distributed in the high-voltage and low-speed range, or in the low-voltage and high-speed range. The traditional detection technology on the market can cover the test of device characteristics. need. The technology of wide bandgap semiconductor device SiC/GaN is becoming more and more mature, high speed, high withstand voltage, high temperature resistance, small size, low power consumption are more and more used in power conversion products, which are different from traditional Si-based devices in terms of performance. Power devices have greatly expanded the distribution range, covering high-voltage and high-speed areas that have never appeared before, which poses a very severe challenge to device testing tools.

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Cree Wolfspeed and Tektronix jointly address the challenges of wide-bandgap semiconductor devices and jointly promote the development of the wide-bandgap semiconductor industry. Cree Wolfspeed SiC devices are optimized to help designers achieve higher efficiency, higher switching frequency, reduced system size, lower system cost, and industry-leading lower on-resistance and switching losses, including electric vehicle charging systems, Ideal for many applications including high performance industrial power supplies, server/telecom power supplies, energy storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies and battery management systems.

On December 23rd, Cree Wolfspeed and Tektronix engineers will join hands on stage to explain the use characteristics and product advantages of wide-bandgap semiconductor devices, the benefits brought to the system in the application of on-board chargers (OBC), and combined with the actual situation. Waveforms compare the advantages of traditional IGBTs in key parameters, and how to accurately test and verify key waveforms to optimize the design, and answer the design and testing problems of wide-bandgap semiconductor devices.

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