Cooler Bag Applications and Advantages

With the improvement of people’s living standards, some of the rapid development of the cold preservation industry, traditional plastic ice packs can not fulfill people’s requirements when the evolving isolation containers came into being.

As a cooler bag manufacturer, we certainly will not let such a field, the insulation bag is also a more important part of our factory.

Cooler bags can be roughly divided into two types according to their use, one for personal and household use. Personally used thermal bags are also called lunch bags, and the shape is often small and unique. Household insulation bags tend to be larger, often used for outings, car trips, etc.

The other is for industrial and service industries, such as cheese companies, fresh milk companies, wine companies, professional medical institutions, and take-out restaurants, hotels, etc.

Industrial thermal insulation bags can be divided into two layers according to their structure. The outer layer is oxford cloth, non-woven cloth, film-coated non-woven cloth, jute, and other diverse materials. The inner lining is aluminum foil composite Pearl cotton.

There are also three layers of the outermost layer and as mentioned above, the middle layer is aluminum foil composite Pearl cotton, and the inmost layer is waterproof polyester as the inner layer.

The advantages of the insulated bag: environmental protection. Compared with disposable plastic bags, insulated bags can be used repeatedly, which is good for environmental protection. The portable traditional iron insulation box is heavy and bulky, and the modern insulation bag is light and compact.

The insulation effect is also called ice pack, insulation package, refrigerated bag, known as small “mobile refrigerator”, warm in winter and cool in summer, can keep cold and fresh, the insulation effect lasts for more than 6 hours.

If you put ice in the summer, the cooling time will be longer. With a cooler bag, you can enjoy iced drinks and beer at any time during your summer trip.

Low price: The materials used in the insulation bag are all common materials on the market, the price is low, and because it can be used repeatedly, the cost per use is very low.

Designing a variety of insulation bags for a variety of people, there are a variety of styles, there are common hand-type, there is backpack type, there is a wine bag type, but also a gift bag type. The industrial insulation bag has a relatively simple shape, but it can be printed with a brand logo to increase the publicity effect and expand the brand influence.

Clean and hygienic: the material used in the insulation bag is waterproof and oil resistant. It solves the lunch problem of office workers and students, so that they can enjoy steaming, delicious and clean meals in the company and school.

The heat preservation bag for takeaway also greatly promoted the development of the takeaway industry and ensured the dining problem of office workers.