Congxing Electronics: Implementation Guidance Scheme of SOA-Based Projects

SOA (service-oriented architecture), service-oriented architecture, is one of the hottest topics in recent years. In 2004, China’s software industry had selected 10 hot terms, and SOA ranked first. ZapThink research company has published a report predicting that in 2006, middleware products based on SOA will become the main design ideas of networked business systems. According to Gartner estimates, by 2008, more than 60% of enterprises will use Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the dominant principle when creating mission-critical applications. Practice has proved that SOA is gradually becoming the mainstream idea of ​​IT system construction. In the past few years, SOA has become an enterprise application integration method mainly used by enterprise IT departments. As applications mature, more and more enterprises begin to use SOA to create components that combine and reuse services across multiple applications. With the improvement of the application level, SOA in the enterprise environment no longer only focuses on application integration, and its application extends to all aspects of enterprise business process construction. The involvement of SOA makes application upgrades easier and faster, reducing development time, improving services provided to customers and partners, and saving money.

If a SOA-based project is to be successfully constructed, there must be a complete, standard and implementable SOA implementation guidance plan. This plan not only describes and defines the specific work content and output content of each step of the entire project construction process in detail. At the same time, it also puts forward relevant standards and specifications for each work process of the project, as the basis and guidelines for the SOA project construction process.

Program overview

SOA implementation and implementation involves a broad set of capabilities, technologies, tools, and skills, which are ultimately embodied in four steps, including SOA planning and business consulting, design, implementation, and control.

Phase 1: SOA Planning and Business Consulting

In this stage, SOA adoption and implementation are mainly analyzed and evaluated; then SOA strategy formulation and planning are carried out according to the analysis and evaluation results; after that, specific business analysis and planning are carried out according to the relevant evaluation reports and planning results, and specific business processes are planned and determined. , and then conduct demand analysis/modeling based on business analysis and planning reports to form a demand rule specification. After the completion of these four steps, the SOA planning and business consulting phase can be counted over. However, usually some related standards and specifications that need to be followed in the subsequent design, implementation and control stages are also completed in this stage, so another important work in this stage is to determine service standards and specifications.

Stage 2: Design Stage

In this stage, it is mainly to complete the design of the architecture, technical architecture and functional frame of each platform and application system to be built, as well as to analyze and design the related services in the platform and system. The design of the architecture, technical architecture and functional architecture of each platform and application system needs to be carried out according to all the results of the first stage SOA planning and business consulting except for the standard specifications. Service modeling and service design, on the other hand, need to take the business modeling, requirements modeling and related specification standards in the first stage as input. After the completion of this stage, the architecture design of each platform and application system, the service relationship model of related systems and the service design results will be obtained.

The third stage: the realization stage

The third stage is the realization stage of the development and construction of specific platforms and services. This stage mainly completes the construction of various platforms and application systems, service development and packaging, service business requirement verification, service deployment, etc. At this stage, after each step of service implementation is completed, the service can be called by various systems as long as it is registered and published on the service management and control platform.

Stage 4: Control Stage

The fourth stage is mainly the management and monitoring process of related platforms and services. This process will complete service registration, service release, service security, service monitoring, resource monitoring, and log analysis. The usage, performance, security, etc. of the service at this stage will all form relevant reports as the basis for service improvement. Therefore, the maintenance and improvement of services at this stage is also an important work content.

Although the above four steps have a certain process sequence, they are actually an iterative process. The results of the fourth phase of governance may initiate the first phase of planning work, followed by another SOA implementation process.

The whole implementation process of this guidance plan mainly includes three aspects:

1: Regarding the construction of the platform/application system, the relevant work includes the whole process of the first and first stages of planning and consultation, the architecture design in the design stage, the construction of the platform and application system in the realization stage, and finally the construction and maintenance of the management and control functions in the management and control stage. .

2: Service implementation process, related work starts from the first stage of business modeling and demand modeling, to service modeling and service design in the design stage, service development and packaging, service testing, service deployment in the implementation stage, and finally management and control. Service registration, release, improvement, etc. in stages.

The whole service realization process is actually the SOA service realization process, and there should also be a set of corresponding guidance schemes to guide the whole process of analysis, design and implementation of SOA services.

3. Determination of service standards and specifications, the main related work is to formulate practical service standards and specifications according to the specific conditions and requirements of the corresponding project.

The content and output of each step

There are four steps in the SOA project implementation process. Each step has its own content that needs to be realized, and there should also be related results output. The content can be referred to as shown in the following table:

Congxing Electronics: Implementation Guidance Scheme of SOA-Based Projects

Roles and Responsibilities

The main roles involved in service-oriented design and development are: enterprise managers, project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, testers, and deployers, etc. Their corresponding responsibilities are shown in the following figure:

Among them, the enterprise manager plays an important role, and he/she needs to promote the construction of the whole project through relevant management means.

Editor’s note: Guangzhou Congxing Electronics Development Co., Ltd. has provided customers with SOA-based system/project consultation, development and construction for many years, and has formed the above SOA-based project implementation guidance through continuous exploration, induction, summary, optimization and improvement. plan. At the same time, Congxing has formed a complete set of SOA-based project service implementation guidance scheme and SOA-based project service specification, as part of the SOA-based project implementation guidance scheme, together with the SOA-based project implementation guidance scheme. Congxing provides reference and basis for SOA-based project/system consultation, design, development, and construction, as well as references for other companies in the industry.

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