CNC milling processing features

  1. Flexible and versatile: CNC milling machines and machining centers are suitable for processing a variety of workpieces with different structural shapes, and can complete drilling, boring, reaming, milling planes, milling inclined planes, milling slots, milling curved surfaces (cams), tapping threads, etc. machining.
  1. High machining accuracy: CNC milling machines and machining centers have high machining accuracy. Generally, workpiece accuracy can be guaranteed. In addition, numerical control machining also avoids operator errors, and the same batch of processed parts have good dimensional identity, which greatly improves product quality.
  1. High production efficiency: CNC milling machines and machining centers have the functions of milling machines, boring machines and drilling machines, which makes the process highly concentrated, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces workpiece clamping errors. The spindle speed of the CNC milling machine is continuously variable, which is conducive to the selection of the optimal cutting amount. The CNC milling machine has fast forward, fast rewind and fast positioning functions, which can greatly reduce the maneuvering time.
  1. It can process complex shapes: In addition to milling various surface parts that can be milled by ordinary milling machines, it can also mill plane curve contours and space curved surface contours that ordinary milling machines cannot mill. This is because CNC machine tools have multiple feed coordinates. Features of shaft linkage.
  2. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator: The CNC milling machine automatically processes the parts according to the pre-programmed processing program. The operator does not need to perform heavy repetitions except for operating the keyboard, loading and unloading tools, workpieces and intermediate measurement and observing the operation of the machine tool. Sexual manual operation greatly reduces labor intensity.