CNC lathe machining tells you the maintenance of machine tools

For mechanical products, we cannot just use them blindly. We must maintain and maintain them so that they can serve us for a longer period of time. Today we will take a look at the maintenance of machine tools.

  • 1. It is strictly forbidden to load overweight and overlong tools in the tool magazine of the CNC lathe machining invar machine to prevent the tool from being dropped when the manipulator is changing the tool or the tool collides with the workpiece or fixture; always check whether the zero return position in the tool magazine is correct and on the spindle of the machine tool Check whether the position of the tool change point is in place and adjust it in time; when starting up, the tool magazine and manipulator should be idle to check whether each part works normally, especially whether each travel switch and solenoid valve work normally.
  •    2. Regularly check and correct the level and mechanical accuracy of machine tools processed by CNC lathes. There are two kinds of mechanical accuracy correction methods for CNC lathe machining invar: hard and soft. Its hard method is generally carried out during the overhaul of the machine tool, such as repairing the guide rail, pre-tightening the screw nut pair to adjust the backlash, etc.; the soft method is mainly through system parameter compensation, such as screw backlash compensation, each coordinate Positioning accuracy fixed-point compensation, machine tool reference point position correction, etc.
  • 3. Clean or replace the lubricating parts, hydraulic parts, and pneumatic parts of CNC lathe machine tools regularly; regularly conduct oil tests on the hydraulic, hydraulic and pneumatic parts of CNC lathe machine tools, and add and replace hydraulic oil ; Dewater and filter the air pressure of the CNC lathe machining invar machine.