Cloud life, home economy: there are “opportunities” in the “crisis” behind the epidemic

With the improvement of broadband infrastructure and the advent of the 5G era, the “home life” caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic is promoting the transformation of the “cloud” life mode, office, education, medical care, movies, and even tourism, sales offices, automobiles , catering, and entertainment industries are all trending toward the cloud.

Since the Spring Festival holiday, Jia Wei, chairman of Rococo Innovation Design Group and founder of Rococo, has never been idle. From the beginning, he just planned to hold a meeting of partners and management team online, and let nearly 1,000 employees of the company check in healthily online. Later, Consider sorting out the online work of the entire company and prepare for a protracted battle.

Life style is fully “cloud”

Under the impact of the epidemic, the demand for mobile office broke out.

For collaborative office and remote meetings, Huawei Welink, Tencent Conference, Conference, Zoom, Zhuozhu and other companies can use it for free during the epidemic. The cloud computing center is arranged by the service provider to provide services to the enterprise in the SaaS (software as a service) mode, and realize multi-party video communication in the conference room, computer and mobile state.

In order to support the resumption of work and production of enterprises, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology also issued a special notice to support telecom operators to provide SMEs with free cloud office services such as cloud video conferencing for more than 6 months, and to encourage information system solution providers to provide integrated services for enterprises. It also supports the cultivation of new business formats and models such as e-commerce, online education, online consultation, unmanned distribution, and big health.

Under the impact of the epidemic, the education department has promoted the resumption of online classes to achieve “suspended classes and non-stop learning”. While the demand for offline training has been suppressed, online education platforms, such as Xueersi, Zhuobang, and Yuanfudao, have successively launched free live broadcasts, hoping to develop potential users and attract customers to retain them.

In the field of fresh food e-commerce, “cloud grocery shopping” has also become popular, and there have been phenomena such as rushing for food in the middle of the night, and booking orders are full. To this end, the platform has to use methods such as sharing employees, placing orders in different time periods, and stocking a large amount of goods.

In the medical field, WeDoctor, Lilac Garden, Ping An Good Doctor, and Ali Health have launched epidemic maps and online consultation services for the new coronavirus. At the same time, the Internet hospital platforms of offline hospitals such as Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital and Shanghai Tongji Hospital have also opened online consultation-fever clinics to answer questions online, and provide professional remote guidance for patients with initial or mild symptoms who are isolated at home.

Some industries that rely heavily on offline, such as real estate, automobiles, catering, tourism, offline entertainment, etc., have also resorted to live broadcasts and other methods to transform to online during the special period when offline has been severely impacted.

In the real estate field, the sales business of the sales office was suspended, and the real estate company also launched the “cloud sales department”. Online viewing has become an option in special times. Yan Yuejin, research director of the Think Tank Center of E-House Research Institute, said that compared with the “SARS” period, real estate sales all rely on sales offices, and the current sales channels and technical conditions such as online sales, VR house inspections, and one-to-one intermediary services have been improved. To a certain extent, it can help developers to accumulate customers in advance.

In the automotive field, BMW, FAW-Volkswagen, Dongfeng Xiaokang, Great Wall Motor and other car companies have also adopted live broadcasts, VR car viewing, online ordering, and door-to-door test drive experience.

In the field of catering, the dine-in business suffered, but the takeaway was extremely hot. Many offline catering brands also choose the live broadcast method to establish a brand image and cultivate consumer trust under the epidemic. Xibei Catering Group, which claims to have “no cash flow on the account for three months”, has also moved online to provide customers with online meal delivery and food ordering services. It is understood that during the epidemic, Xibei’s online revenue accounted for more than 80% of its total revenue.

In the field of tourism, “cloud travel” has also become popular, and you can browse travel strategies, videos, etc. on travel platforms. The relevant person in charge of Mafengwo told that the epidemic has limited people’s main activities at home. Behind the “cloud travel” is everyone’s desire to travel and changes in the way consumers (especially young consumers) entertainment. .

Mafengwo’s big data shows that the search interest for “where to go on May 1st” has increased by 200% month-on-month. At the same time, the attractions and trains that appeared in recent movies and news are also popular in search, such as the Huangshi Sky City Scenic Spot in Hubei and the K3 train in the movie “囧 Mom”. Moreover, many consumers share their past travel experiences on the Mafengwo platform by participating in “Everyone travels together in the cloud”, “I am here to report safety”, “One person Amway one travel destination”.

The offline entertainment industry also uses Douyin and Kuaishou to meet people’s needs for live entertainment through the conversion of entertainment scenes, and the reward income will also make up for offline losses to a certain extent. In addition, Kuaishou also joined many nightclubs and labels in first- and second-tier cities to launch the “Cloud Bundi” live broadcast.

Games and online videos have also fully benefited from this “home economy”.

Behind the epidemic, there are “opportunities” in the “crisis”

Wang Jianhui, chief computer analyst of Dongxing Securities, believes that Internet giants were born during the “SARS” period, and today’s epidemic may give birth to the 5G application “online technology”, which is a trending opportunity that just needs to be implemented.

He said that telecommuting will become an inevitable development trend in future enterprise management and company office models. In 2017, 24% of companies around the world, especially technology companies, adopted remote working; in 2020, it is expected that about 50% of technology companies will have about 29% of employees working remotely.

Jia Wei believes that the previous round of online office was still in the onlineization of data, which was only a change on the demand side. Now it is the onlineization of the supply side. Combined with the first year of intelligence opened in 2019, the SaaS platform in the To B market will rise. Four years ago, Locke launched an IDA project, I-informatization, D-digitization, and A-artificial intelligence. “At that time, not all companies realized the importance of online. After all, at the beginning, the efficiency may not necessarily be higher than offline. But in the face of today’s epidemic, online has to be implemented.”

Compared with 17 years ago, e-commerce has become the water and electricity in daily life, and the new economic form has become an important part of life. Online shopping accounts for more than 20% of total social retail sales. In this epidemic, e-commerce has provided more buffer space for defusing the impact of the epidemic.

In the social retail industry, the share of online consumption has also accelerated the penetration of e-commerce with the help of this epidemic.

Wang Chong, partner of Ou Xixi Enterprise Management Consulting, told the First Financial Reporter that the transformation of the entire lifestyle from offline to online is a long-term process, and this epidemic has accelerated this trend. Including those who have never experienced an online lifestyle, such as fresh food purchases and online live broadcasts, also took advantage of this opportunity to start a new experience.

Taking fresh food retailing as an example, with the structural promotion of online consumption methods, consumer behavior will be shaped to a large extent. “Convenience will be a very important consideration for modern people.” Wang Chong said that in the future lifestyle, offline will be reduced and online will be greatly improved, but online cannot completely replace offline After all, people still have the need to socialize and interact. This is for the society to think about, compared with online, what service or experience should be provided for consumers offline.

In the field of agricultural production, e-commerce platforms also play an important role in the upward trend of agricultural products and the downward trend of agricultural materials.

Chen Qiu, vice president of Pinduoduo Data Research Institute, told Yicai that in order to solve the problem of unsalable agricultural products in special periods, the platform launched the “anti-epidemic agricultural products” section to provide top-level traffic support. At the same time, coordinate relevant departments to open up green channels, and complete order distribution through logistics resources such as SF Express and China Post.

In addition, according to the platform’s analysis of past agricultural materials sales data, this year’s special sales of agricultural materials have been successively arranged. For key agricultural material products, such as organic fertilizers, plastic film in greenhouses, small cultivators, etc., merchants and products will be selected, and subsidies not lower than those that subsidize the sales of agricultural products will be provided to promote the decline of agricultural materials.

Chen Qiu believes that the main test of the epidemic for e-commerce platforms is that due to the need for prevention and control during special periods, offline consumption has contracted a lot in a short period of time, and a large part of it has been transferred online. During the Spring Festival, many commodity supply links and circulation links enter the holiday, coupled with the outbreak of the epidemic and the difficulty of rework in many industries, so the online supply has not matched and insufficiently matched with the massive demand. Once these problems can be handled well, it can not only effectively improve the reliability of the user side, but also effectively improve the internal organization and system.

In terms of tourism, the relevant person in charge of Mafengwo said that travel was originally an activity to be realized by flying and staying in a hotel, and most of the experience occurred in offline physical space, but the mobile Internet has already had a profound impact on people’s travel methods. The whole process of Chinese tourists’ travel is a process of interaction between offline and online. Of course, the pandemic has also brought a greater awareness of the opportunities brought about by changes in consumer lifestyles. “Cloud tourism” is a new form of entertainment created by consumers when they stay at home, and it may become a way of life in the future.

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