CITE 2022 audience registration is fully open, just one step to enjoy VIP audience!

[Introduction]Riding the wind and waves and breaking out, on May 17, 2022, the 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022) will make a stunning debut at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With an exhibition area of ​​100,000 square meters, 1,800 exhibitors and 100,000+ professional audiences will present you a feast of electronic information. In order to give you a better viewing experience, the editor has prepared an audience guide for you, which is awesome and practical, let’s take a look!

Exhibition time

May 17th 9:00-17:00

May 18 9:00-17:00

May 19 9:00-16:00

Exhibition location

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Hall 1-9)

Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian Central District

Exhibition highlights

1. Pavilion setting

Hall 1 – CITE Theme Hall

Hall 2 – New Display and Application Hall

Hall 3 – Metaverse and Virtual Reality Technology Hall

Hall 4 – New Generation Information and Communication Industry Cluster Hall

Hall 5 – Electronic Digital Life Hall

Hall 6 – Big Data Cloud Computing Hall

Halls 7 & 8 – Intelligent Driving and Automotive Technology Hall

Hall 9 – Basic Electronics Hall

CITE 2022 audience registration is fully open, just one step to enjoy VIP audience!

2. Highlight exhibition area

5G & IoT

On the basis of the vigorous development of the Internet of Things, with the wider popularization of 5G technology, the Internet of Things will be greatly promoted by 5G technology, realize the research and development of 5G Internet of Things terminals on the ground, and accelerate the large-scale expansion of 5G technology. China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Fii, Longsun, SIMCom, Thundersoft, Yike, Meige, Industrial Fii and other 5G+ IoT industry leaders joined CITE 2022 to showcase the intelligence of everything in 5G Internet age.

Consumer Electronics

From 3G to 5G, from smart phones to a wider range of smart terminals, consumer electronics continue to shape the lifestyles of young people. Under the social background of new consumption and new supply, consumer electronics have become the main force in detonating the market. As a new segment of CITE 2022, consumer electronics has attracted a large number of consumer electronics manufacturers to join and bring a variety of black technology products.

Intelligent connected car

With the deepening of changes in the automotive industry, intelligence, networking, and electrification have become the general trend of the automotive industry, and chips have become the core components of smart cars. The data shows that the value of single-vehicle chips for pure electric new energy vehicles is 6 to 8 times that of traditional fuel vehicles, including application processors, power semiconductors, sensors, and separation devices. The intelligent driving and automotive electronics halls in Halls 7 & 8 will focus on automotive semiconductors, as well as autonomous driving, Internet of Vehicles, and unmanned vehicle applications. Coffee, will discuss hot topics in the industry with colleagues in the industry.

Xinchuang Ecological Joint Exhibition Area

Xinchuang is not only an accompanying concept in the process of technological competition, but also a national strategy and a new driving force for national economic development. In the past two years, the scale and industrial structure of my country’s Xinchuang industry have entered a period of development, and the growth of Xinchuang market has accelerated. The core technology industry chain from middleware to application software has begun to take shape, and software and hardware adaptation work and application ecological construction are in full swing. The industrial demand with high localization rate has continuously promoted the independent innovation of key core technologies, and a large number of weak links have been made concentrated breakthroughs. As an important platform for the exhibition of Xinchuang industry, a large number of domestic Xinchuang leading enterprises will make a concentrated appearance to show the industry the latest technological achievements in the field of information technology application innovation.

Specialized and new

CITE 2022 specially launched a series of activities of “specialized, refined and new”, with enterprise display, research report, summit forum, list release, salon activity “five-in-one” as the activity framework system, through special exhibition area, top 100 enterprise selection, summit forum Work together to discover the stars of tomorrow, boost potential enterprises to shine, serve the connection of resources of top 100 enterprises, and achieve the golden age of small and medium-sized enterprises. It will also release popular lists such as “China Electronic Information “Specialized, Specialized and New” Enterprise Portrait Report”, China Electronic Information Specialized and Specialized “Rising Stars” Top 100 List, etc. .


The rapid popularity of “Metaverse” has aroused widespread attention in the technology and investment circles. From Internet 1.0, 2.0 to the mobile Internet, the Internet era of the Metaverse is beginning. CITE 2022 keeps pace with the times and sets up a special hall for metaverse and virtual reality technology, a special area for human-computer interaction, a special area for electronic games, a special area for blockchain, a special area for the Internet of Things, a special area for artificial intelligence and digital twins, a special area for network and computing technology, and a special The hardware supporting area displays the latest products and technologies of virtual reality and Metaverse technology in an all-round way, and creates the development ecology of China’s Metaverse.

smart sensor

At the beginning of 2022, Shenzhen issued the “Several Measures of Shenzhen Municipality on Promoting the Accelerated Development of the Smart Sensor Industry” (Draft for Comments), launching major measures to promote and support the development of the smart sensor industry. Shenzhen presses the fast-forward button, and the sensor industry will enter a new stage of development in terms of core technology innovation, industrial cluster construction and high-quality development. Based in Shenzhen, CITE 2022 will also focus on the field of smart sensors, attracting a large number of smart sensor industries, especially local representative enterprises in Shenzhen to participate in the exhibition, showcasing smart sensors in the fields of industry, communication electronics industry, automotive electronics, communication electronics, consumer electronics and other fields. Widely used, it further highlights the important role of sensors in the era of intelligent network connection.

3. Highlight activities

During the CITE2022 exhibition, more than 100 heavy forums will be held during the same period, focusing on hot topics such as industrial digitalization, 5G+, high-end display, Xinchuang, big data storage, Internet of Vehicles, consumer electronics, electronic components, investment and financing, and more than 1,500 speeches. Guests, experts and scholars will release the pioneers of the industry.

The 10th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2022)

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