Chip hegemony? The century-old “Battle of National Games” between China and the United States has begun! (deep analysis)

Huawei is now not just a Chinese company, but a symbol of the game between China and the United States, and a symbol of the rise of China’s technology.

The battle of Huawei is the charge of Chinese technology to the US technology hegemony! Determining the outcome of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the century-old national destiny of China and the United States!

Why does the United States want to stop Huawei at all costs, or even directly overturn the table in violation of the founding spirit of free business? Why is the Chinese Foreign Ministry speaking out for a specific company for the first time and stressing that it will never sit idly by?

Once the US is defeated in the Huawei War, after losing its industrial hegemony, the US will irreversibly lose its technological hegemony, and the US dollar hegemony will completely fall apart. The rise of China will no longer be barrier-free, and Taiwan and other issues will be solved.

The Huawei War is as important to China as it is in the Korean War, the Shangganling Battle, or the Stalingrad Defense War in World War II.

At the same time, this battle is related to the final trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Since the United States planned to completely ignore the rules of the game to block Huawei in April, China-US relations have undergone essential changes!


Technology is the primary productive force, profoundly changing the global landscape. This sentence is always true.

The first technological revolution, the “Steam Age”, originated in the UK. The result is that driven by capital, the UK has become a true empire on which the sun never sets. The sun will always shine on the territory of Great Britain. Fill the world.

The second technological revolution, the “Electrical Age”, originated in the United States. As a result, the United States quickly became the world’s largest industrial country, and became a global hegemon with the help of World War I and World War II;

The third technological revolution, the “Information Age”, originated in the United States, and the result is to promote the United States to win the hegemony between the United States and the Soviet Union, and firmly establish the hegemonic position of the United States.

Where is the technological hegemony reflected, we can look at several things:

China’s Internet company BAT has developed rapidly and has become a global miracle, but no matter how it develops, American companies Intel and AMD can make money by lying in the back, and BAT’s servers cannot be separated from American computer chips. PC chip market.

Not only in the field of personal PCs, but many high-end products, such as some high-end ventilators, are also inseparable from INTEL’s 7nm chips.

Tudou was still in the communications industry 5 years ago. At that time, the competition of mobile phones in China was fierce. Mr. Lei promised that the comprehensive gross profit margin of Xiaomi mobile phones would never exceed 5%! Not only Xiaomi, but the gross profit margin of many Chinese mobile phones hovers around 3%.

But China’s smartphones are inseparable from Qualcomm. Qualcomm can get 5% of the sales price of mobile phones through patents and chips. That is to say, Chinese companies work hard, from R&D and design to production and manufacturing. A mobile phone, the bulk of the profits are made by Qualcomm.

This is America’s powerful technological hegemony.

That is, to attract the best scientists and scientific researchers in the world with the most excellent salary and educational environment, establish patent barriers at the bottom of high-tech, work in China, and earn technology money in the United States. At the same time, China can be contained at any time at the bottom of the technology, restricting China’s development.

I will not provide you with chips, all your communication products, information technology products and future artificial intelligence products will be suspended!

In the original plan of the United States, China is at the bottom of the global manufacturing industry. It can make textiles and mechanical products, but high-tech products are not allowed to be touched.


Why was Huawei contained by the US?

Fundamentally speaking, it is necessary to take this as an opportunity to block China’s road to industrial upgrading, and at the same time block China’s road to the four industrial revolutions!

The United States is very clear that once China wins the technology war, the rules of the game in the whole world will inevitably be rewritten!

First of all, in the past 20 years, the world will usher in an era of intelligent transformation driven by artificial intelligence, that is, the fourth industrial revolution. Whoever seizes this opportunity will win the greatest development opportunity in the future!

China has already made sufficient arrangements for industries such as artificial intelligence. In 2017, the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” was promulgated. According to the plan, by 2030, it will become the world’s major artificial intelligence innovation center, and a group of global AI technology innovation and talent training bases will be formed.

In recent years, China’s artificial intelligence has been flying all the way, whether in research and development or in enterprise development. In the list of 32 global AI unicorn companies released by CB Insights, a global venture capital research institution, in early 2019, 10 are from China.

The achievements of Baidu’s autonomous driving open platform Apollo, deep learning open source platform PaddlePaddle, Baidu Brain and other aspects have promoted the development of Baidu and even China’s artificial intelligence business; and Alibaba Cloud ET City Brain is currently the world’s largest artificial intelligence public system. It has made a triple breakthrough in urban governance mode, service mode and industrial development.

In terms of speech recognition technology, iFLYTEK is approaching the threshold of 99% qualitative change in human interaction; in terms of computer vision, Chinese academic and industrial teams have won many championships in the 2016 ImageNet Image Recognition Competition. There are even companies like DJI, whose products have occupied 74% of the market share in the United States!

According to McKinsey’s forecast, China’s artificial intelligence application market will grow at a growth rate of 50% year by year, far exceeding the compound annual growth rate of the global market of 20%.

In the development of artificial intelligence, the pattern of dual power between China and the United States has been formed, and they are already evenly matched in the academic field, algorithm, data and application fields. And with the passage of time, China’s advantage over the United States is only a matter of time.

Yes, Chinese technology has made great progress in the past 20 years. For details, please refer to the detailed comparison of Chinese and American technology in “What if the United States is finished? China is also finished? Nonsense”.

In the comparison of scientific and technological strength between China and the United States, there are winners and losers. In the future competition between artificial intelligence and technology, China’s biggest shortcoming is in the development of chips, that is, IC research and development!

In 2019, the United States was terrified of developments, and despite taking various measures to suppress Chinese technology companies, Huawei was flying against the wind.

In the 5G field, Huawei has already outperformed the West in terms of technology and patents. Moreover, Huawei is both a communications network builder and a mobile phone terminal manufacturer. At present, 56 countries around the world have begun to deploy 5G network construction, of which 25 countries have chosen to cooperate with Huawei, far ahead of its competitors Ericsson and Nokia. nearly half of the market.

Huawei is unstoppable!

And what is 5G?

The relationship between 5G and artificial intelligence is mutual promotion, interaction and mutual influence. It can be called infrastructure. Like the “information superhighway”, it provides the possibility for the transmission of huge amounts of data and information, and at the same time, it also brings a more efficient transmission speed;

Huawei has done a lot of infrastructure work for artificial intelligence, ranking first in the world!

If it continues, the United States is equivalent to directly admitting defeat and ceding the opportunity of the 4th industrial revolution to China! The US has lost the tech competition before it even started! America’s technological hegemony collapses directly!

Now, when the United States suppresses Huawei, it is to attack the current weakness of Chinese technology – chips!


Chips are not only Huawei’s soft underbelly, but also our soft underbelly for Taiwan Province. But at the same time, chips are also the unavoidable foundation of the fourth industrial revolution.

The return of Taiwan Province to the motherland is a necessary condition for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

On the surface, Taiwan’s dependence on the mainland is extremely high. The mainland’s trade deficit with Taiwan in 2019 alone is equivalent to sending 30,000 yuan to each Taiwanese, and Taiwan’s GDP is highly dependent on export trade. above 50.

But it is a pity that Taiwan currently has an overwhelming advantage in communication technology chips compared to the mainland, which is reflected in two aspects:

First, “MediaTek.Inc” of Taiwan MediaTek Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned IC design manufacturer, with a share second only to Qualcomm, accounting for 20.49% of the global market share.

The second is a well-known global IC processor. Taiwan semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “TSMC” for short is so powerful that it accounts for more than 65% of the global chip manufacturing. It is the world’s largest in terms of scale and technology, and its market value even exceeds Intel’s!

If we do not import Taiwan Province, companies such as Xiaomi and OPPO will face severe pressure. This is also the last bit of bargaining for Taiwan Province.

How important is the mobile phone industry to China? In 2019, Huawei alone shipped 240 million units globally. Coupled with the ultra-long supply chain of mobile phones, it has solved countless employment problems. There is no specific statistics on how long this supply chain is, but the potato assessment will affect at least 100,000 people. A Chinese company! The mobile phone industry has become an important part of China’s GDP.

But more importantly, chips are a problem that the artificial intelligence industry must solve. If this problem is not solved, all our high-tech products such as intelligent robots and unmanned vehicles will always be controlled by people!

This move by the United States is to tell China nakedly: You are not allowed to develop chips and underlying technology, you are not allowed to touch it, you can only be controlled by me, and you can only work for me!

Here, Tudou first wants to tell you a basic point. After the outbreak of the epidemic, many people said that the Sino-US economy is a community, and Sino-US trade is closely related.

I must make it clear here that these issues are facts, but the Western world is threatening China at any time: not supplying you, not taking you to play! China is not the Netherlands or Switzerland. With China’s economic size and goals, we must always take precautions against the Western world to contain Chinese companies and restrict the development of Chinese companies. Otherwise, we will always look at people’s faces!

Why do you think Huawei has to spend huge sums of money to develop the “Hongmeng system”, can’t it just use the Android system, and it’s not good to cooperate with Google. Yes, for more than 20 years, many Chinese companies have thought this way, and none of them will not suffer. In the end, time has been used to learn a lesson.

10 years ago, Konka, TCL, Changhong, and Skyworth established Julong Optoelectronics and prepared to develop LCD panels by themselves. “At that time, the state of LCD panels was the same as that of current chips, and Chinese companies did not have core technologies.” Then Sharp, the LCD panel giant, came to the door and proposed Joint development……

Then, after repeated negotiations, things turned yellow and wasted nearly 3 years of time

Then, TCL finally made up its mind and developed it independently. Today, it has the world’s largest LTPS single-unit factory and CSOT, which ranks third in the world in terms of shipments!

I mention this here to tell some idiots who are pro-American. The competition of enterprises is the same as the competition of countries. This world is very cruel. It is not as naive as you think, not as you think you can use a hot face to make other people’s cold ass. hot.

In 2018, TSMC opened a factory in Nanjing. Do you know why? It is because mainland companies start to develop chips that frighten the chip manufacturers in Taiwan Province. Without the investment and development of chips by our own companies, this scene would not have occurred.

People, always rely on themselves!

Well, let’s go back and say that in 2019, the US Department of Commerce violated competition rules and directly blocked Huawei. As a result, Huawei bucked the trend and rose, and the layout of the 5G market has been expanding all the way. In October, the “Hongmeng” operating system was officially released; in October, the 5G version of the mobile phone was released first!

I can’t stop it!

Huawei’s Kirin 810 and 820 chips were born, which means that there is nothing to do with Qualcomm. I also want to say that Huawei did not stop here, but obtained the authorization of the ARMV8 architecture. In short, That is, Huawei has the ability to independently develop ARM processors for a long time, without external interference, and has independent intellectual property rights. In fact, we can see some clues through the ARM processors developed by Huawei recently, because Huawei has not only developed It has developed Kirin processors for mobile phones and ARM processors for servers. If Huawei does not have the ability to develop ARM chips, how could it be possible to develop ARM server processors.

If the chips are allowed to break through in China, the competition in the era of artificial intelligence, coupled with the layout of 5G, there is no suspense in the battle of science and technology!

America, now there is only one card left!

It is the Kirin chip, which requires TSMC to manufacture. In other words, Kirin’s mid-to-low-end chips can be completely solved in mainland China and solved by SMIC, but for high-end chip manufacturers, TSMC is also required.

And the United States is very clear that with China’s continuous breakthroughs in technology, nothing is impossible…

It is only a matter of time before the atomic bomb can be struck with an abacus, and the hydrogen bomb with the unique Yumin structure can be developed at the fastest speed in the world in 2.6 years under the premise of complete blockade.


In April 2020, the United States proposed to adjust the “direct product rule”, that is, foreign companies using US chip manufacturing equipment must obtain a US license before they can supply certain chips to Huawei production. The United States intends to block Huawei’s chip supply chain through companies such as console SMC. The proposal has already received support from senior Trump administration officials, according to people familiar with the matter.

The United States has completely broken the rules of the game, and the government has come to power, directly participating in business competition, and cracking down on Chinese companies.

In response to this, Hua Chunying said in response to a reporter’s question:

The position of the Chinese government is consistent. We firmly oppose the use of state power by the United States to suppress specific Chinese companies on grounds of trumped-up charges. So the Chinese government will never sit idly by about this kind of technological bullying by the US.

While the United States was mulling this plan, in April, the relationship between China and the United States had undergone a fundamental change

In the past, Sino-US relations were characterized by cooperation and competition, but now, a series of actions by the United States have told China nakedly: I just want to kill you at all costs!

The outbreak of the epidemic, no matter how serious the domestic situation in the United States is, the first thing that comes to mind is not to cure the disease and save people, but to contain China

The WHO proposed prevention and control measures, but the United States did not listen to it at all, but wanted to contain China

The infection has exceeded 1.4 million, it can be put aside, and China must be contained first

Killing China has become the core national strategy of the United States. I can do nothing, economic development, people’s livelihood politics, etc. are not important, but I must kill China! This has become America’s most important mission.

Can we still have any illusions?

The United States has violated its most basic principles, namely, national liberal capitalism and business principles. The government has rushed to the front stage naked, and its own people are dying in mourning.

In this battle, if the United States cannot defeat Huawei, the United States will never have a chance to turn around.

In this battle, China’s whole country’s strength, if we can’t keep Huawei, China’s rise may become a dream, on the contrary, we will most likely lead the 4th industrial revolution in human history!


In my series of works, I repeatedly refer to a movie, which is an “interview” filmed in the West with the theme of assassinating Kim Jong Un.

Well, today, I will give you a complete review

1. After the filming, North Korea strongly protested, and General Kim spoke directly

2. The American movie was taken off the shelves, and no one in the Western media dared to mention this movie!Obama calls it the darkest day for Western civilization

3. North Korea’s nuclear test was successful. In the Western world, North Korea’s identity has undergone earth-shaking changes, from the original “axis of evil” to “our good friend” in Trump’s mouth

4. When the epidemic broke out, Trump sent a personal letter to General Kim, telling him that he was “willing to provide all help to the North Korean epidemic.”

Now, I am showing these facts to tell those pro-American public officials that if you kneel and lick the United States, in their hearts, you will only be inferior to a dog. The GDP of North Korea is equivalent to a county-level city in China, Kunshan City, and it can also become a close friend of Americans!

Some friends asked me to write about North Korea, and I will definitely write about it later.


Well, let’s talk next, the United States has done this, how should we respond

First of all, China’s rise is already unstoppable. The outbreak of the global epidemic will only accelerate China’s rise. I have already written in “What will happen to China when the United States is over”.

Even if the entire Western world succumbs to the obscenity of the United States and completely surrounds Huawei, and we start construction behind closed doors, it will be a matter of time before China’s chips are resolved.

However, can this matter be solved like this? The United States does not allow the Chinese company TSMC to supply the Chinese company Huawei, so we really do the construction behind closed doors?

If we lose the battle of Huawei, or if we back down, the rise of China may become a dream. In other words, we need to wait a long time.

In April 1949, the Third Field Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army was preparing to launch a river crossing operation in the Zhenjiang section of the Yangtze River the next day. The British Navy’s Far East Fleet “Purple Quartz” frigate ignored the deadline announced by the People’s Liberation Army on April 20, 1949 for foreign ships to evacuate the Yangtze River, and broke into the People’s Liberation Army’s front line scheduled to cross the river. The Quartz then fired back. During the artillery battle, the “Amethyst” was seriously injured and ran aground. From the afternoon of April 20th to 21st, the artillery of the People’s Liberation Army will repel the destroyer “Mate”, the heavy cruiser “London” and the “Black Swan” frigate of the British Far East Fleet, which have come to reinforce it.

This is China’s first shot at the Western world!

Then, in 1950, Chairman Mao defied all disapproval, resisted the US and aided the DPRK, drew a punch, lest a hundred punches come, and won 70 years of opportunity for China’s peaceful development, and the Western world would no longer dare to despise China.

Subsequently, China had two bombs and one satellite, and Nixon took the initiative to fly to China. This is the result of the struggle of the US head of state to go to a country to meet the leader of the other party before the establishment of diplomatic relations.

What you can’t get on the battlefield, you won’t get at the negotiating table!

The battle of Huawei is Shangganling in the Sino-US war, and it cannot be lost!

The battle of Huawei is also the battle for the defense of Stalingrad in the Second World War. We have nowhere to go!

We have to tell the United States: This is my bottom line!


“Peace talks have failed, deception has failed, and the war has begun.” Mao Zedong deeply interpreted Sino-US relations a long time ago. He believed that the United States was a robber in its bones. When dealing with the United States, remember one thing. Robbers only value strength, and only Hit him head-on and completely frighten him, only then will he reason with you! The chairman’s judgment on the US imperialists is not bad at all!


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