China Mobile Community Medical Service Management System Solution

Problems faced by customers

In the construction of a new community health service system, customers can use advanced wireless communication means to support the system informatization, and expand data extraction and data entry from the wired range to the wireless field.

The main requirements are as follows.

1. Location management requirements

The community health management system uses the idea of ​​grid map to divide the whole area into several working grids and management grids. Each service station is responsible for its own work grid, and each general practitioner is responsible for the service objects in the management grid, and implements all-round service and management according to the responsibility system. Injected into the grid, so that the service objects can be quantitative, qualitative, and positioned, so as to realize the refinement of the management space.

The medical staff of the community community health service management center can provide home diagnosis and treatment when the patient needs it, and provide residents with medical treatment, health care, psychological consultation and other services. The community health service management center hopes to know the location information of medical staff in real time for better management and scheduling.

2. Wireless data transmission requirements

General practitioners in the community health service management center can conduct diagnosis and treatment, consultation, emergency, etc. when they go out to see a doctor. The treatment and treatment include prescriptions, tests, treatment, payment and medicine collection, etc. All processes must record medical records and call out historical Electronic medical records. Record, record consumption, Display balance, etc. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the medical diagnosis and treatment process, general practitioners need to be able to log in to the network anytime, anywhere, extract the community health service information platform, extract data and enter information.

3. SMS function

The community health service management center can carry out health care publicity and education to the community through the SMS service function, and send the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine health care, health education for the elderly, and knowledge of infectious disease prevention and control in the form of SMS. The latest instructions and deployments of community health work can also be released to the masses.

The health management service center can also send superior instructions, meeting notices and command and dispatch to community doctors through the SMS service function.


The solution integrates the functions of SMS sending, wireless positioning, and GPRS data processing.

1. Location service

When community members are sick, they can call the hotline of the community health service management center and ask medical staff to visit the patient’s home. The community health service management center can use the location service function provided by China Mobile to count the locations of medical staff who go out to see a doctor through location services at regular intervals to ensure effective scheduling and command (medical staff turn on the location service mobile phone, community Health Services Administration Centre can obtain its location). When the emergency call is obtained, the location service function can also be used to find the nearest medical staff to the patient, ensuring that they rush to the scene to implement rescue work in the shortest possible time.

The realization of the positioning function only requires the medical staff to turn on the mobile phone terminal used for positioning services at work, and the community health service management center can know the location of the medical staff at any time through the positioning service provided by China Mobile.

2. Wireless data transmission service

Medical staff who go out to see a doctor can access the China Mobile GPRS network through the GPRS proprietary APN, and then route to the community health service management center through a dedicated line. In this channel, the mobile terminal can extract the patient’s medical records in real time and enter the patient’s medical records. The wireless data transmission function breaks through the shackles that mobile terminals must rely on network cables or telephone lines for remote data interaction, and medical staff can connect laptops to the network wirelessly anytime, anywhere. China Mobile has specially set up a dedicated GPRS APN for the community health service management center to allocate dedicated IP addresses to ensure the reliability and security of business applications. Only mobile terminals authorized by the Community Health Service Management Center to activate access rights to China Mobile can log in to this dedicated APN. Medical staff log in to China Mobile’s GPRS network through the dedicated APN, and then exchange data with the community health service management center through a dedicated line.

3. SMS service

China Mobile assigns a dedicated SMS service number to the community health service management center platform. The community health service management center can send some health prevention knowledge and medical popular science information to the mobile phones of the community people through text messages and text messages through this special service number to publicize health knowledge. The community health service management center can also send mass messages to all or some medical staff through the special service number. Such as some meeting notices, scheduling notices, leadership instructions, etc.

Benefits to customers

This solution enables the community health service management center to know the location of outbound medical staff in real time. On the one hand, it is convenient for the management of medical staff, and on the other hand, it can improve the accuracy and response speed of medical assistance scheduling, and improve the fineness of community medical management. level.

“Children’s Vaccination” Mobile Information Management Success Stories

Vaccination is an important means to control the occurrence and prevalence of infectious diseases and ensure the healthy growth of children. The Chinese government attaches great importance to vaccination, and many diseases have been brought under control through universal vaccination across the country.

Today, with the rapid development of science, the types, vaccination methods and management channels of vaccines are changing. It is a new challenge for health and epidemic prevention departments to make people understand vaccines correctly and use vaccines to protect themselves and children. In response to this demand, China Mobile proposed a mobile information management solution for children’s vaccination. The specific functions of the program are as follows:

1. SMS notification

Realize SMS automatic reminder. In the case of children who should be planted but not planted, automatic reminder by sending SMS reminders to the registered parent’s mobile phone.

2. Query management

Parents can inquire about business knowledge and children’s vaccination information through mobile phones.

3. Vaccine inventory management

It includes information such as vaccine entry, exit, return, and scrapping, as well as functions such as inventory inquiry, reminder notice, payment confirmation, etc., which greatly facilitates the management of each disease control center.

The mobile information management of children’s vaccines effectively avoids the disadvantages of file preservation, solves the problem of difficult vaccination management for migrant children, makes the management of children’s vaccination files simple, fast and accurate, and improves office efficiency and service quality. The use of the information system makes the types of vaccines, immunization procedures, and assessment programs relatively unified, which improves the vaccination of children and effectively reduces the incidence of children.

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