CCNP Exam Certification: 5 experience

     According to the official test requirements issued by Cisco, each test site of the Cisco exam is analyzed one by one, and strive to grasp the key points, and to discuss the important parts of the exams that everyone cares about, and hope to help everyone pass the exam:
    Select Cisco products for remote connectivity through one of the CCNP exam experiences

    This part is relatively large in proportion, and most of the types are given certain requirements, such as long-term connection, wide geographical distribution of branches, support for ISDN connections, etc., and then from a given product line (700) Series, 1600 series, 2500 series, etc.) Choose the best products to meet your needs. The general textbook is relatively simple to describe. It is best to look at some of Cisco’s product guides during the review process, and have a comprehensive understanding of the product characteristics of each series, so that you have more choices.

    Pass the CCNP test experience, connect the various WAN components
    It mainly involves the cable connections necessary for various WAN types, such as asynchronous connection, BRI, PRI connection, and frame relay connection. If you have actually touched RJ45, RJ11, RJ48, CiscoEIA-TIA-232 and other cables in practice, there is no problem. In addition, you should know that the easiest way to determine whether a network device such as a router is working properly is the various tips for LEDs. It
    Pass the CCN test experience, configure asynchronous connection with Modems
    You will be familiar with the three functional groups connected to the Modem cable connector and should be familiar with the corresponding signals. For the reverse Telnet of Modem, it is best to do some experimentation, you should master the port number rules. In the asynchronous connection, you need to pay attention to the configuration of the modem, such as automatic discovery, automatic configuration, and fine-tuning of the county administrator. The role played by Chat-Scripts in asynchronous connections is also a priority. That I will recommend the ​CCNP 300-401 ENCOR Dumps that will help you pass the exam.​
    Pass the experience of CCNP exam, visit the central station with Windows95

    This part is relatively simple, but can not be underestimated, mainly how to configure dial-up connection, LAN protocol supported by Windows95.

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