what is an application aid Mifare DESFire ev1

MIFARE DESFire EV1 can have multiple applications (28), and each application can have multiple files (32) of different types (4). The card itself has a PICC master key plus between 1 and 14 keys per application. The keys of each application are used to control access to its files. A Mifare DESFire EV1 card can […]

Mifare DESFire ev1 vs Mifare DESFire ev2

MIFARE DESFire EV1 vs EV2 The series of MIFARE 13.56 MHz proximity smart card Integrated Circuit (IC) chips that are widely used around the world for transit and other types of payments, general identification and physical access. MIFARE Classic 1k was introduced in the mid-1990s and continues to sell in very large quantities, but it was not designed with […]

NFC wristband uses

NFC wristbands are available in various frequencies, styles, and material. NFC wristbands come in many materials including silicone, plastic, fabric woven and paper and are available in an array of colors. NFC wristbands are also available in several styles and materials including Silicone, Velcro Strap, and Watch Strap. All wristbands can be personalized to include […]

Long Range RFID readers

DO RFID Reader manufacturer developed a high-performance Long Range RFID readers. It is designed with low power dissipation and high integrated RFID chip solution, which has features of long reading distance, high identification speed, multiple interfaces, and easy installation. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control, and […]

What is a test sim card?

The GSM test card, CDMA test card, UIM test card, RUIM test card, WCDMA mobile phone test card, TD-SCDMA test card, CDMA2000 test card, mobile phone test card use special chips from international famous semiconductor manufacturers. 3V/5V compatible and 5-6 contact compatible design, suitable for all mobile phones. With dedicated COS system, fully comply with […]