The Development Trend of Standing Pouch Packaging

Standing pouch packaging is a form of packaging with a horizontal structure at the bottom that stands on its own. Widely used in food packaging, beverage packaging, industrial packaging, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging and so on. An important reason why the self-supporting bag can quickly become popular is that it meets the consumer psychology and […]

What is Opp Bag Package?

Opp is the abbreviation of bopp, opp bag package is stretchable polypropylene, which belongs to plastic. It is actually a plastic bag, which can be seen everywhere in the market. Most of the transparent packaging bags are made of opp material. Convenient, good performance and versatile. Opp bag package properties: odorless, odorless, non-toxic, dull appearance, milky white waxy […]

What Are the Benefits of Using Kraft Pouches?

Products packaged in kraft paper are very common in our lives, such as melon bags, nut bags, coffee bags, bread bags, hand cake bags, paper bags, dog food bags, popcorn bags. In the past two years, with the global popularity of “anti-plastic” wind, products packaged with kraft paper materials have become more and more popular […]

Flexible Pouch Packaging Material Reveals Secret

Flexible Pouch Packaging Material Reveals Secret

Many times we only know that there is flexible pouch packaging, but we don’t know what material is made by which device, and we don’t know that different bags have different characteristics. Take aluminum foil bags, everyone knows that this is an aluminum foil bag, but most people don’t know what the aluminum foil bag is, […]

Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is?

If you often buy freshly roasted coffee beans yourself, you will find that there is a button-like object on the back of the coffee bean packaging, which may have a small hole called a gas valve. The purpose of this device is to let the carbon dioxide out of the coffee bean packaging, because the freshly roasted coffee […]

Custom Coffee Bags Process

How to light the product? In fact, it is to make the outer packaging eye-catching, whether you are a baked bean cooker, a coffee shop manager or a coffee bean trader, when your sales reach a certain amount, you will want to abandon the general packaging bag of the bad street, customized to match the […]

Cooler Bag Applications and Advantages

With the improvement of people’s living standards, some of the rapid development of the cold preservation industry, traditional plastic ice packs can not fulfill people’s requirements when the evolving isolation containers came into being. As a cooler bag manufacturer, we certainly will not let such a field, the insulation bag is also a more important […]