Use of Opp Packaging

he performance of OPP packaging is still very good, the material is light, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and the sealing is also very good. It can fully satisfy the sealing of water, gas, grease, organic solvents, etc., and can also meet the rust prevention. Anti-corrosion and other needs. OPP packaging can also be used as a gift bag, the beautiful […]

How much do you know about doypack

How Much Do You Know About Doypack?

The English name of the doypack originated from the French company Thimonier. In 1963, Mr. M. Louis Doyen, CEO of the French company Thimonier, successfully applied for the Doypack stand-up bag. Since then, Doypack has become the official name application of the stand-up bag. to date. It was widely recognized in the US market in the 1990s and then […]

Why is Kraft Paper Pouch So Popular?

Kraft paper bags are not strange to us, because the kraft paper pouch are also in the market, and when we mention the kraft paper pouch, I believe that the kraft paper in the old TV is emerging in the minds of the people. The ancients used kraft paper to directly wrap the food, kraft paper pouch naturally looks like […]

What product is the nozzle bag for

What Product is the Nozzle Bag For?

As a relatively new type of packaging, the spout pouch is used in China compared with the European and American. The application of the juice nozzle bag is relatively blank. Many people do not know that there is a bag with a nozzle bag. The spout pouch is composed of a nozzle and a stand-up bag. The stand-up bag […]

The Times Are Improving and the Bags Are Improving

Packaging bags are closely related to our daily lives. Although people have different evaluations on the use of packaging bags, the flexible packaging industry will continue to exist for a long time to come. How to move toward a more social development is a long-term future. The flexible packaging industry needs to explore the issue for a while. At […]

Basic Requirements for the Production of Food Packaging Bags Manufacturers

With the wide use of plastic bags, designers believe that the design and production of plastic bags should at least have some needs. What are the basic requirements for the design of snack food bags? The food packaging bags manufacturers will introduce you to the following: 1.wear resistance, easy to use repeatedly, exquisite design to attract the […]

What Are the Key Knowledge of Custom Food Packaging Bags?

Custom food packaging bags are a must for many food manufacturers. Food packaging bags are a kind of plastic soft packaging bags that are very common in our daily life. For example, when we buy things in the supermarket, 90% of them are used. It is a food package that is packaged in this plastic bag […]

Kraft Paper Pouch Manufacturing Method

Along with people’s own quality and cultural level, more and more people are advocating green and environmentally friendly consumption concepts. Kraft paper pouch have become a popular item. “Kraft paper pouch” is a bag made of composite material (kraft paper). Since the material of kraft paper bag is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly, the kraft paper bag […]

How Can Packaging for Food Items Promote Product Sales?

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of modern packaging technology, packaging has become an indispensable part of the sales of goods. In shopping malls and pharmacies, we can look at a variety of packaging products, such as packaging for food items, cosmetics packaging, medical supplies packaging and so on. The application of packaging can improve the competitiveness […]

Basic Knowledge of Custom Cellophane Bags

Basic Knowledge of Custom Cellophane Bags

Now many customers come to order custom cellophane bags and don’t know the specific data of their own bags. Whatever is probably, let us quote, we really can’t quote, so now introduce the basic common sense of custom bags. 1. The number of bags: the specifications of the bags are different, the required order quantity is different, […]