A story of a 80 years old heairng loss people

When my grandfather 80 years old, he has was seriously damaged of hearing. My father bough him a hearing aid, but after my grandfather does’t like to use it and also very hard to hear the sound. When I tried my grandfather’s hearing aids, I found out that there were several problems: 1) The background […]

Jinghao’s first Bluetooth new hearing aid W2

Jinghao’s first Bluetooth new hearing aid W2 is now available for sale. With wireless Bluetooth technology, it can easily turn a hearing aid into a wireless Bluetooth headset for a variety of smart phones or various electronic devices, thus breaking the boundaries of sound transmission. Not only that, the Jinghao W2 hearing aids are equipped […]

JH-W2 Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini ITE Digital Hearing Aids for Phone Connecting

https://www.jhhearingaids.com/jh-w2-bluetooth-rechargeable-mini-ite-digital-hearing-aids-for-phone-connecting/ Description Paring to a phone and entertainment 1.Turn on your phone and ensure its Bluetooth function is activated. Search your Bluetooth devices on your phone by following the phone’s instructions. Refer to your phone’s user manual for more information. 2.After a few second the phone will list the device as a discover device “W2”. […]

JH-115 BTE Hearing Aids Assisted Listening Devices

JH-115 BTE Hearing Aids Assisted Listening Devices https://www.jhhearingaids.com/jh-115-bte-hearing-aids-assisted-listening-devices/ Specification Color Beige, OEM OSPL90 Max @ 1400Hz 130.7dB HFA Avg 121.9dB FOG50 Max @ 1400Hz 44.2dB HFA Avg 35.1dB Total Harmonic Wave Distortion <= 3% Reference Test Gain Target 35.2dB EQ Input Noise 29.8dB Response Limit (63.0dB) F1 < 200 F2 = 3954Hz Battery LR754 Battery […]

Hearing Aids types

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), about 36 million Americans experience hearing loss, and about 90 percent of them can be treated with hearing aids.  If you suspect you may have a hearing loss, our audiologists at NHHI will assess your needs and determine if hearing aids would be […]

Where can I buy hearing AIDS?

When we suffer from hearing loss, we usually choose to seek medical treatment and buy hearing AIDS. So if we want to buy hearing AIDS, where can we buy them? In general, there are four main places to sell hearing AIDS, hearing aid stores, hearing aid fitting centers, online and some pharmacies, Let’s talk about […]

Hearing aids for elderly people

Recently, there has been an increase in hearing loss people over the age of 60. The old man at home has recently spoken loudly, easy to fight, and is also prone to temper? If such performance is to be taken seriously, it may be suggesting that the hearing of the elderly is declining. On March […]