LED Linear is a phrase we often hear in the realms of commercial interior design, but what exactly does it mean and how do we use it? This article aims to ‘de-mystify’ LED Linear lighting and give you an insight into how and where to use it, to effortlessly turn cool offices into exceptional ones! […]

LED strip and linear lighting factory video tour

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzudMqNYxSw&t=18s LED strip and linear lighting factory video tour Professional led strip and linear lighting factory since 2008, factory area 20,000 square meters. ISO9001:2008 and BSCI certified. Main product : LED flex strips LED linear lighting LED profile & Cabinet LED lights LED controller & power supply LED strip UL Certificate Number : 20180517-E497228 First […]

Wifi smart RGB LED Strip color box set [China factory]

How does Wifi smart LED strip light Kit work? http://www.cl-light.com/product/839.html First step 1. Connect the power supply, wifi controller and led strip. Please pay attention to the output voltage of power supply and input voltage of led strip, make sure both of them are the same voltage. Now, we finished connecting. 2. Turn on the […]

The four principles of interior lighting design, have you done it?

First of all, it is also the most basic: indoor lighting design should pay attention to functionality. The interior lighting design must meet the functional requirements. This is the basic appeal of humans to the light source after the torch is placed. However, when choosing lamps and designing lights, we choose different lighting methods and […]

Tuya WIFI control track led linear light

1) Beam Angle : 20° / 30° / 60° / 90°. 2) Length: 600mm /1000mm. 3) 0.6m 20W, 1M 30W. 4) Ra80 130lm/W; Ra90, 110lm/W. 5) Compatible with the track rail system of the main 6 famous brands in EU, such as STAFF, EUTRAC, NORDIC, GLOBAL, Nuco, IVELA. 6) LM-80 LED chips, SMD2835. 7) 4 […]

LED lighting leads the future green lighting industry

LED light strip, LED soft light strip The emergence of LED lighting is another lighting revolution triggered by the light source revolution after incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. It is an important way for China to save energy and reduce emissions, and will play a very important role in developing a low-carbon green economy. According […]